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    Posted November 19, 2012 by
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    Israel-Gaza conflict: Your stories

    In The Stairway

    It sucks to have to wake your baby from his morning nap so that you can carry him to safety in an old stairway in your building.
    I am not new to terror attacks. I used to work at 29 John street, one block up from the WTC and was there on the day the towers came down. I too, crossed the brooklyn bridge with the rest of them. I now live in Rishon Lezyon, a central city in the state of Israel. I try to understand the other side, really I do. I feel compassion for the poor children of Gaza, but at the same time feel it for all the children of Israel.

    The other day, Ahmed Tibi was on the news and I heard him say, "In Gaza, there are no warning sirens, the roof just falls on the childs head."

    It's true, there are no warning signs in Gaza, but it's because the Hamas government is more concerned about getting high grade weapons than about keeping the citizens of Gaza safe. I watch them on their news channels shooting off roof tops of residential building and in the middle of civilian parks and wonder how the world can point a finger at Israel.
    The reality is simple, Israel wants to protect the lives of its citizens while Hamas is more concerned with taking Israelies down. CNN itself wrote about how unjust the Hamas government is to its citizens. I don't blame them, they are taught to hate from the day they are born.

    When the life of a Palestinian in Gaza is taken, Israelies are not in the streets cheering. We don't have a need to kill people. We have a need to exist. Every speach that a hamas member gives is filled with vilionce and hate, about revenge, mass murder and martership.

    I want my children to sleep well and I want the children of Gaza to sleep well. But the reality is that Israel's end of fire on Gaza won't bring that, Israel's end of existance will. One problem, I want to exist and I want my children to exist. I don't want to die.
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