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    Posted November 19, 2012 by
    Des Moines, Iowa
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    Israel-Gaza conflict: Your stories

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    New Messures for Peace?

    The following may be ideas to create peace in the Middle East. As they say, desperate times require desperate measures. They also say out of 200 ideas, 2 may be doable. The following may be those desperate measures and be doable ideas to at least to think about, to solving the unrest there in the Middle East. The one benefit of the Internet is that ideas can be shared and built upon. So here goes.
    Can they redraw the borders between nations of the Middle East that make more sense? It was the West after WW1 that drew the borders to that of what is today. Did these borders place warring sects into the same nation or next to each other?
    Whereas, placing new borders that separate these groups of people make more sense. If there are now 2 warring sects of people divided by a simple border, can they place a third nation in between? It may be just a few miles wide; however, it just may bring security between these two warring sects of people.
    As part of a new Middle Eastern peace summit, the world community could design the new borders to be voted on. New voting opportunities would ask people; do you support a new region to become a separate nation? They could vote either yea or nay on this proposal. Just like all nations, walls with checkpoints would separate these new countries. These could help bring new security between warring sects of people. In addition, ask for input for how they would like to redesign their new flag to unite under. There is something magical to solute to your own flag. Create new voting opportunities to ask people for a constitution and the naming of their country to unite people of a certain region. They could encourage people to migrate for better homes and jobs after these new borders are drawn. A major Middle Eastern Marshall Plan would create these better neighborhoods.
    A new Middle Eastern Marshall Plan should be developed to enhance peace? Could there be some kind of bond issue voted by the people of the Middle East to rebuild their cities? This could be where these bonds would be paid for by oil revenues or minerals income, as examples.
    You have a 25 percent youth unemployment rate in the Middle East. Plus today's forecast high is 90 degrees. If you combine the heat with high unemployment; these may be contributing to these demonstrations. This rebuilding could reduce the high unemployment rate (25%) among the youth rebuilding their neighborhoods. As part of rebuilding major Middle Eastern cities; they could buy new materials from the ports of the US if they so wish. Thus help lower our unemployment rate, as well.
    A new bold redesign of their cities could include things like new layers of walls and certain roads closures surrounding our embassies. Not to mention, do the same between these new nation's borders to enhance security, as well. It would also reinvent who lives next to each other. These would make our embassies and new nations' borders safer.
    They say desperate times require desperate measures. Will these ideas create a new dawn of hope and peace across the Middle East? Or do you have something to add to these concepts? This is just an opinion.
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