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    Posted November 20, 2012 by

    A Child's Diary


    Hello , my name is Leeza Almashharawi, Iam 13 years old, Iam from Gaza. Iam not here to talk about 1948, 1967 or our continuous conflict for years, Iam here to talk about my personal experience: The war in 2008 , and what Iam living right now (2012)
    starting with the war in 2008 , I remember that day like it was yesterday , we were just having a normal day at school , and suddenly ''BOOM'' , I never forgot that sound , the sound of the bombs followed by the voice of the Ambulance.. we all screamed and started to run, It was awful , and when i came back home my little brother and sister were crying...
    In 2008 we lived 20 days in fear , we didn’t know if we were going to live for tomorrow…we ran away from our home then , and when we were back , our apartment was totally destroyed , I entered my room , the walls were covered with blood..Yes our neighbor was killed .. he was talking on the phone , doing nothing wrong , He didn't deserve to die in front of his family , is this fair would u tell me!!!!!
    And about this war.....this time they decided to set up a war , for what reason? For Elections!
    why don’t you just do Your Elections without killing a whole people to win , seriously!
    let me tell u something that actually made me parody laugh , a couple days ago I was checking out facebook , and I saw a picture on some page , an Israeli solder hugging his child , and the page wrote : ''how many likes for this solder missing his child''
    And I was like : ''So they miss their children , And Kill ours , This Israeli solder...How many Palestinian child he has killed!....
    In this moment while im writing this Iam not sure if my other family members are okay , Iam not sure if my friends are okay , Everyday my parents go to work, I keep praying that they will come back safely to me and my brother and sister.
    Are we terrorists? Well, we didn’t kill your women ,Elders , children, like you did and keep doing everyday!
    Talking about children , Universal Children's Day falls on Today ,but instead of celebrating this day with playing and enjoying our childhood we were celebrating it with more fear and more blood, with more children were killed, with more parents will miss their kids forever and will never have the chance again to hug them and tell them how much they love them!!!! We lost our childhood, we lost our dreams, we lost our rights as children to play, laugh, feel safe... Is the justice?!!! would you please tell me!!
    Date: 20-11-2012
    Time: 12:57 Pm

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