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    Posted November 20, 2012 by
    Gaza !, Pennsylvania
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    Basic Human Rights !

    This is straight from a heart that's hurting, an eye that’s hiding its tears and a nose that smells death. This is from a Palestinian girl, living in Gaza. I am not writing this for other countries to pity on us. Your pity does us nothing really rather than letting us know that you know the truth. This is for me, for every Palestinian out there who's feeling the same way. Oh Great! Another earthquake from a bomb that just came down, felt the entire house was about to blow up. Nothing new really, it's annoying rather than scary.

    For those, who do not know why there's war, for I've been asked a few times. This is a short summary. More than 60 years ago we were living in peace in our land and home, and then England decided to make a home for Jews in Palestine on Palestinian land, they just took their land and took their home. On top of all that, there's the killing of innocents that never stops! There's no freedom. Palestinians are supposed to just watch, say "Oh hey, yeah take my land and kill my people" Or are they suppose to fight for their land, fight for their people till the last blood drop they have.

    Clearly, I've seen so many Israelis saying how we started. Now, that's false. You started by killing Ahmed Jabari in his car going wherever he was going. After that, we replied by firing rockets. So don't go crying saying we started. Don't cry by saying that we have been firing for 12 years. Look at how many you've fired and then talk. So what did you get by killing him, I don't see peace. What did you get by killing innocent Civilians ? Nothing.

    For the past 6 days, all I've been hearing are moms crying at their killed children, dad's crying at their killed wives, people yelling and screaming. All I have been hearing are bombs coming down. All I've been seeing are houses, farms and banks and so many other buildings destroyed. Not one single wall is up.

    As I've looked around, I've see so many facebook, twitter and news posts that just made me have to write. First, let's go through the facts. Let's see what the Palestinians have compared to the Israelis. Israel has war planes such as F16, tanks, all types of weapons you can think of and the iron dome which destroys rockets coming into Israel and of course can't forget the alerts. On the other hand, Palestinians have none of these other than the rockets THEY made and big strong hearts that rely on God. Technically, it's not war; this is called rape and genocide.

    I don’t have to mention how many innocents have died and how many have been injured because the number rises almost every minute. I don't have to mention how many innocent's houses have been destroyed; I think the media has covered up more than enough. Houses totally destroyed, not one single wall is up. I don't have to mention how I don't sleep from the bombing that's every two seconds, how I can't go out in a car, how I can't even get out of my house. How I'm not even safe in my own home. How the only thing I see, smell and feel, are rockets. I don't have to mention that my school is destroyed.

    Israel, it sucks to be the most hated "state". It sucks that your " IDF" are bombing our broadcast stations ashamed of their crimes – thanks for proving to the world that we're not liars- It's sad because you can't find our rockets, so you go for innocents instead. Really it's pathetic rather than sad.

    We are not asking for the war to stop. We are asking for our freedom and for our rights. And Hammas will not stop firing till we get those rights. We're not blaming it for the situation we are in, even if we are not Hammas. When it comes down to Palestine, Hammas or not, we are still Palestinians who want the exact same thing.

    As going through facebook and twitter, I've spoken a lot. My friends and I need to be heard. I need to be clear.I'm not Hammas. I'm sick of people saying everything is Hammas Hammas Hammas. I'm a Palestinian with human rights that Isreal thinks it's being nice by giving us SOME OF THE BASIC RIGHTS. And no we're not terrorists because if you actually look up that word, it means someone who stole another's land, kills its people and destroy its homes. I think people misunderstand what that word means.

    Hammas said that its willing to stop firing, only and only if we're out of the siege. You guys aren't living here; you don't know what I mean by the word Siege and Occupation. To go to any place in the world, I have to through so many things, I can't just leave with a normal airport. Everything we have here has to go through Israel. Israel has to check up on everything. I can't even come to JERUSALEM just to see it. I can't come and go to a good university in Jericho for example. Why? Because I'm in Gaza. If you actually look at how limited we are here, Isreal would stop defending itself.

    Some said, Oh so why doesn't Egypt open up for you? Well. Egypt isn't supposed to open its passes for us; we're supposed to go through "Israel" which is actually again - Palestine - . We were in the land and then your Israel went to the UN Security Council in 1947 and claimed an independent state after the last holocaust. You had no place to go, so Britain declared Palestine.

    To those who are incapable of understanding that the land is actually Palestine. The fact that some said that the Jews were living here before our religion was even born is true, but let me complete it for you. There were Jews and this is 100 % true. And they were living peacefully with PALESTINIAN. I hope you understand what I mean. There was no ISRAEL. Jews are descended from the ancient people of Israel who settled in the land of Canaan (which are actually Palestinians). It says this in our holy book, therefore I cannot lie to you nor can I lie to myself. So you guys ( Israelis ) did live here before 600 years ago, and yes before our religion was born, but it's not about religion here, it's about the actual land which belonged to CANAN who are actual Palestinians. Look it up, read history. But If you want to bring up religion, then let me clear it for you. It’s not about religion because Palestine is an actual HOLY LAND for all religions. This is written in our holy book.

    If you don't want to believe that it's an actual Palestinian land then let's put that aside since you're not able to understand. Let me tell you the real problem other than that of stealing the land. We Palestinians we're living peacefully with JEWS and CHRISTIANS as well, and then after the Holocaust, Jews from all over the world got together and came to Palestine. Do you know what they started doing?! NOW LET'S GO BACK TO HISTORY. They started killing and pushing out the Palestinians because they wanted their own state. Look, we respect Christians; we respect Jews and all other religions. The problem isn't the religion, the problem is when the Jews declared that they wanted their own state and started killing and pushing Palestinians out of their own cities, they came to Gaza. That's why they are so called REFUGEES ! See now, here you go, that's the definition of terrorism that I've been hearing. Someone who kicks someone off their land, kills them and destroys their homes.

    p.s ; If we wanted Hammas to stop what it's doing, we could. Or we could at least try, but People here don't want Hammas to stop because they're so sick and tired of being limited. They're not free; they don't live the normal life they should. Maybe Hammas for once, just for once, will take back what is actually ours or some. Even though that so many of us, are not Hammas.

    I could care less if people disagree with what I've said, because I believe and I know, that sooner or later, we're going win. In fact, we are winning. I've heard so much about a land operation, but I'm sure Israel will have to think lots before they come in. Pretty sure it's going to be Hell.

    To those others,Thanks for reading.I'm living this, I know history and If you review after me, You'll find that there is not one lie in what I have said.
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