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    Posted November 20, 2012 by
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    Israel-Gaza conflict: Your stories

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    Gaza is Bleeding!!

    Its been decades now since Israel first claimed Palestine and made it 'their' land.
    It been decades and the Palestinians are still suffering.
    Its been decades and no one has done anything whatsoever about all this.
    So now we say, were do we stand?
    Are people that deaf not to hear our voices?
    or are they simply blind to all the blood that we've shed?
    We scream and cry out loud and nobody bothers to listen.
    But now all we ask from you is to listen.
    to hear us out. to let us tell you what is really happening to us.
    Because we are bleeding. deeply. and some of our wounds are fatal.
    Lives have been claimed. Children, women, and people of all ages are being killed every single minute that passes.
    Why do they have to die? No body has any right that says that they can claim those peoples lives whenever they simply feel like it.
    but that's the way it is.
    Israel feels like killing so Israel kills.
    It doesn't care whether its a child or a woman or a man. Its just another person they need to get out of their way to get what they want.
    What was once a fight for a holy land became now a bloody massacre. Palestinian after Palestinian is dying and no body cares.
    but its time to care.
    its time to open up your ears and listen. because these are not pigs for slaughter. they are humans.
    Humans with feelings.
    Humans with lives and families and goals.
    No body wants this for themselves or for their children. Then why do you find it perfectly normal when it happens to Palestinians?
    They are humans just like every single one of you.
    Let their voices be heard around the world.
    Gaza is bleeding, and soon enough there won't be enough blood to go around.
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