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    Posted November 20, 2012 by
    Charlotte, North Carolina
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    Could The "Twurkie" Save Twinkies?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     ace2012 says this 'Twurkie' as he calls it was his 'contribution for this year' at Thanksgiving. For those wondering how it's put together, the Charlotte, North Carolina, resident posted information on Pinterest. The idea began when ace2012 started contemplating a future without Twinkies.

    'On Nov. 16th, I ran out and bought a box of Twinkies when I heard they might be going out of business. I thought they could become a collector's item. But, two days before Thanksgiving, I saw a picture of a cooked turkey and something clicked in my mind. I thought it was a very similar color to a Twinkie. I studied art and sculpture in college and I work in a creative field, so I'm always thinking creative thoughts.'

    The next question was to figure out how it's done.

    'At first, I thought I would make something that looked like a cooked 'Butterball' turkey. But, as I put together a 'prototype,' I thought it would look more like a turkey if I made it with tail feathers and a head. I decided it needed a frame to hold the Twinkies, so I used a coathanger. I bought a nickel-plated tray at the 'Dollar' store for $1. From start to finish, it probably took about 1 1/2 hours (including the trip to the store.)'

    He took this picture November 20 and shared it on CNN iReport for the world to see as Thanksgiving approaches, and he's hoping it might make some difference, somehow.

    'If the 'Twurkie' sparks sales of Twinkies and saves them from bankruptcy, that's something we could all be truly thankful for this Thanksgiving.'
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

    Here's a novel idea I came up with for the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a "Twurkie", which is basically a Turkey made from Twinkies.
    I came up with idea after watching news reports that Twinkie may be filing Chapter 11. I ran out and bought a whole box, thinking they might become collectors items. But then, 2 days before Thanksgiving, I envisioned a turkey made from a whole box of the delicious, cream-filled sponge cakes. I think kids will love it. And, if it catches on, Hostess may love it even more.
    I posted my directions on how to create your own "Twurkie" on Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/johnboone1111/how-to-make-a-thanksgiving-twurkie
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