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    Nagercoil, India
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    Here two Florence flasks are used. One is length shaped Florence flask and another one is oval shaped Florence flask. The oval shaped Florence flask is filled with water. It is closed air light along with a pipe A clamp is attached just above where the pipe and the pot shaped Florence flask are in contact. Because of pressure difference the water flows towards A through in the upward direction. Therefore the weight of increases and it moves downwards due to the gravitational force when it moves downwards the Gear attached to the shaft rotates thereby rotating the armature coil of the dynamo which is connected to the Gear which in turn produces current. Thus the current is produced through out the day because of the downward and upward molecule of the shaft and gear due to the gravitational force.



    In this invention Electricity is produced from Gravitational force.


    Here there are two Florence flasks A and C.  One is length shaped flask A and another one is oval shaped flask C just like a pot.  Half of the pot shaped Florence flask contained water.


    The front portion of the length shaped flask D is immersed in water contained in Florence flask C.  The Florence flask C is closed air tight along with the tube D. There is a clamp attached just above the part-C where the pot shaped flask C and the pipe D are in contact.  Two long shafts are attached on two sides of the clamp. The two shafts are angle 180 phase difference between them.


    Two bearings are attached to the centre of the two shafts.  They are connected to the steel stand which rest on the ground.  So that the pot containing water and Florence flask A and C is freely rotate about its axis Two Gear wheels J are connected to the two ends of the shaft.


    Other end of the tube D contains a hollow ball shaped cloth vessel.  Outer surface of the hollow ball is covered by thick cloth.  When the cloth wets temperature inside A reduced and the pressure inside also gets reduced and become vaccum.  In order to fill up the vacuum water from the Florence flask C flows through D onto A.


    When water from D fills A its weight increases and it behaves like a lever moving downwards due to gravitational force.  The Gear wheel which is attached to the shaft begins to rotate.  Hence the armature coil of the Dynamo which is connected with the Gear wheel also rotates and produces the current.  Thus the part A which behaves like a lever when it moves downwards rotates through an angle 135 and it is stopped by a steel stand.


    At this time air fills the pot shaped Florence flask C and it becomes vacuum.  Now the water from the A part flows through D onto the Florence flask C.  Therefore the weight of C increases and it moves downwards due to gravitational force and A part move upwards.  Hence the shaft and gear rotates the same angle 135 and the armature of the Dynamo which is connected to the Gear wheel also rotates and produces the current in the opposite direction.


    This process gets repeated and more amount of current are produced for every downward motion of A and C due to gravitational force.  Thus we can obtain current for all the 24 hours of the day because of the availability of gravitational force.

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