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    Posted November 21, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    P-EAD Strikes in the Cornfield


    For  thousands of political junkies across the US of A, it is the worst of  times. Many are suffering due to post-election affective disorder  (P-EAD). Even here in the Cornfield, I am not immune to the devastating  effects from the dreaded letdown from the euphoric high of presidential  politics.

    The  adrenalin rush of each day, sometimes even hourly is gone. The  presidential election season is over. Along with it has gone the juicy  tidbits, innuendo and shades of scandalous possibilities which feed the  political junkie. Now all that is left is the mundane politics of  governing.

    Sure  politics is a part of every day life, but it's not the same. And for  political junkies we must waste away until at least the prospect of  titillation during the 2014 mid-term elections. Best we can hope for is  another Akin or Mourdock to come on the scene riveting the national  media with comments of the bizarre. Until then we languish.

    Yes,  I know there is the politics of the fiscal cliff looming large. But  until the behind-closed-door negotiations bear any fruit, all that  trickles forth each day is more of the same trite rhetoric with no  inspiration to kindle a fire in the belly. You hear one news brief, no  matter it be Republican or Democratic, and you have heard the whole  story. Nothing new. Nothing to write home about. Posturing for the sake  of posturing is all we get. But not enough to feed the appetite of the  ravenous political junkie.

    Yeppers,  it is true that in 2013 there is the possibility of a smackdown between  Cory Booker and Chris Christie. Yet, unless you're from Jersey, what  does it matter?

    Oh the horror of it all!

    We  couldn't wait until the debates, the mudslinging, the bombardment of  political ads gave way to the ceasefire of the election. But now comes  the doldrums of a dry season and dealing with P-EAD.

    Complications  ensue if the political junkie is also experiencing seasonal affective  disorder with the winter and holidays upon us. Talk about a drag on the  system!

    From  the Cornfield, alas, it's over. I must remain strong. I must survive.  Remember, you've been here before. P-EAD is not a chronic condition, but  episodic in nature. You will make it. Before you know it, you'll be  sinking your teeth into the meaty 2016 prey given up as a sacrifice to  the waiting political junkies' pleasure.

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