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    Posted November 21, 2012 by
    George East, 6539, South Africa

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    Petraeus Fired to stop his support for Sustainable Security, exposing Nobel's “War is Peace” Fraud


    (Washington DC): A submission made to Washington DC FBI Director, James McJunkin on 19 November, asks the FBI whether the FBI's Petraeus-Broadwell investigation was used as a convenient excuse to fire Petraeus, to prevent Petraeus from implementing a Sustainable Security Peace Plan, submitted to the CIA, as part of court documents, involving Wikileaks and Pfc Manning; on 15 October 2012.


    United States vs. Private Bradley Manning court martial relates to the alleged leak of the largest amount of classified information in U.S. history to Wikileaks; the (i) July 12, 2007 US Army AH-64 Apache helicopters air-to-ground attacks in Al-Amin al-Thaniyah, Baghdad (“Collateral Murder”); (ii) 250,000 United States diplomatic cables (Cablegate); and (iii) 500,000 army reports from Iraq (Iraq War logs) and Afghanistan (Afghan War logs).


    Center of Constitutional Rights, et al vs. USA and Military Judge Denise Lind, is a Petition for Extraordinary Relief filed in the US Court of Appeals for Armed Forces, seeking public access to documents in the court-martial proceedings against Pfc. Bradley Manning, “including papers filed by the parties, court orders, and transcripts of the proceedings”.


    In Brief in Propria Persona by Amici Curiae Lara Johnstone in Support of an Ecocentric Wild Law Sustainable Security Perspective, filed on 24 September, Johnstone argued, in pertinent part, that (I) it would be impossible for Pfc Manning to receive a free and fair trial in the sustainable security matter, if the media corruptly abuse their publicity power, misrepresenting or censoring Ecocentric or Non-PC arguments; effectively conducting a trial by media, thereby undermining the credibility of the court‘s decisions, due to public ignorance of all arguments submitted to the court; and (II) if Pfc Manning’s actions were indeed Ecocentrically motivated (“his Pale blue dot perspective is that humanity is destroying its home”), he deserved a free and fair truthseeker trial, but that “it is possible that those who prefer a Left/Right wing Propaganda trial, will use their Publicity Power to pressure the court and trial proceedings, and Pfc Manning, to such effect, which would not be in Pfc Manning‘s truth seeking interest.”


    On 09 October, the USCAAF court denied Johnstone's Amicus submission.


    On 15 October, Johnstone filed a Petition for Reconsideration, wherein she added to her aforementioned argument, by providing Pfc Manning the opportunity, to prove to the court and to Central Intelligence Agency: Director David Petraeus, Manning’s honourable Ecocentric motivations for his Wikileaks disclosure acts.


    Pfc Manning, his Peacenik and ‘Anti-War’ and ‘Peace’ supporters were challenged to sign the Maria Bochkareva Leaver Peacenik Oath, if they were Willing to Pay the One Child Per Family Price for Peace; and submit it to General David Petraeus at the Central Intelligence Agency.


    The Oath states: I hereby declare that I am a sincere peacenik, who is willing to pay the one child or less, per family, price of peace, by addressing the root causes of conflict, and helping to move the humans on Planet Earth onto a procreation trend towards peace. I furthermore hereby declare that I understand that if I violate this Leaver Peacenik One Child Oath, I thereby authorize the Central Intelligence Agency to remove me and my children from the Leaver genepool, by assassination.


    Signing the Oath additionally requests that if Pfc Manning signs the oath, the CIA Director is to make an official request to the relevant authority, for all charges against Pfc. Manning to be withdrawn.


    Finally, signing the oath requests the Central Intelligence Agency’s Kent Center to establish a fund for contributions in honour of Pfc Manning, to establish a ‘Maria Bochkareva Leaver Peacenik Honor Medal’, to be awarded on the 23rd of April, of every year, for the individual who has done the most to educate their community, or nation on the role of overpopulation and overconsumption as factors pushing society to conflict and war.


    On 22 October, the USCAAF court refused the Petition for Reconsideration.


    On 02 November, an application for writ of certiorari was filed with the US Supreme Court: Alien on Pale Blue Dot vs. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, to determine whether the CAAF decision to refuse the Ecocentric Amicus (and Sincere Peacenik Oath), was (i) a procedural due process failure; (ii) Anthropocentric ‘viewpoint discrimination’, (iii) a violation of Petitioner’s “Religious Free speech’ rights.


    Copies of all the document filings have been transparently provided to the Norwegian Nobel Foundation, Nobel Committee and South African Nobel Laurettes: Mandela, Tutu and De Klerk; since the Bochkareva Sincere Peacenik Oath documentation alleges that the Nobel Peace Prize is a 'War is Peace Whores' prize, for its refusal to address the overpopulation and overconsumption, roots of resource scarcity, which is a significant factor in resource wars.


    Other organisations and parties were also informed, such as Director of National Intelligence: James Clapper, on 01 November.


    On 06 November Clapper & Petraeus relations became contentious (WSJ); the FBI notified Director of National Intelligence James Clapper of Petraeus affair (Reuters), who pressured Petraeus to resign (CBS).


    On 09 November, President Obama - a Nobel Laurette - accepted Petraeus resignation, without any objections.


    On 14 November 3 Nobel Laureates - Desmond Tutu (South Africa), Mairead Maguire (Ireland) and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (Argentina) - publish an Open Letter in the CCR Appellant publications: The Nation, The Guardian & Salon, saluting Pfc Manning as a fellow War is Peace Whore.


    The Complaint to FBI McJunkin also includes significant evidence documenting the principles of National Environmental Security & Peace Strategy: Addressing Scarcity as an underlying Cause of Violent Conflict.


    “Environmental degradation imperils nations' most fundamental aspect of security by undermining the natural support systems on which all of human activity depends.” - Michael Renner, 1989


    Evidence includes excerpts from: (i) 1974: NSSM 200: National Security Study Memorandum: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (The Kissinger Report); (ii) 1995: White House: National Security Strategy; (iii) 2010: White House: National Security Strategy; (iv) Department of Defense: Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for the 21st Century Defense; (v) Department of the Army, Field Manual 100-23, Peace Operations; (vi) Butts, Kent (25 April 1994): Environmental Security: A DOD Partnership for Peace; US Army War College; (vii) LTC Kurt F. Ubbelohde (10 April 2000): Freshwater Scarcity in the Nile River Basin, US Army War College; (viii) Colonel Brian X. Bush (13 March 1997): Promoting Environmental Security during Contingency Operations; US Army War College; (ix) Bartlett (2000/09): Democracy Cannot Survive Overpopulation, Population & Environment; (x) Murphy, R (2006/10/24): US Army Strategy of the Environment, Office of the Dep. Asst. Sec. of the Army, Environment, Safety & Occup; (xi) Peters, R (1996): The Culture of Future Conflict, US Army War College; (xii) Koppel, T (2000): CIA and Pentagon on Overpopulation and Resource Wars, Nightline; (xiii) United States Joint Forces Command (2010/02/18): The Joint Operating Environment - 2010 (The JOE – 2010); (xiv) United States Army & TRADOC (2012): US Army Unified Quest 2012 Fact Sheet, Unified Quest 2012 is the Army Chief of Staff's annual Title 10 Future Study Plan (FSP); (xv) Bush, GW Snr (1986/02): Public Report of the Vice-President’s Task Force on Combatting Terrorism; (xvi) Homer-Dixon, T, & Boutwell, J, & Rathjens, G (1993): Environmental change and violent conflict: Growing scarcities of renewable resources can contribute to social instability and civil strife. Scientific American; (xvii) Schultz, S (2010/09/01): Military Study Warns of Potentially Drastic Oil Crisis, Der Spiegel; (xviii) Clugston, C (2012): Scarcity: Humanity’s Final Chapter.


    The submission to FBI McJunkin concludes: "So, Director McJunkin, what do you think? Was FBI’s Petraeus-Broadwell investigation used as a convenient excuse to fire Petraeus to Protect the ‘War is Peace Whores’ Human Factory Farming War Economy, from the threat of CIA-Petraeus’ implementation of Ecocentric ‘Maria Bochkareva’ Sustainable Security Proactive Peace Plan raised in USCAAF: CCR v. USA, and USSC: Alien on Pale Blue Dot vs. RCFP, et al?"


    Ed Note: Maria Leontievna Bochkareva, nicknamed Yashka (1889–1920) is known as Russia's Joan of Arc. She was an illiterate peasant who was the only woman allowed to join a combat unit in the Russian Army, and went on to become Commander of the Black Hussars: 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death. The Kerensky government wanted to shame the cowardly men at the front into fighting by seeing women fight. Her Battalion of Death went to the front, crossed No Man's Land to cross three German trench lines, before being repelled and did galvanize many men to action. She refused to fight for the Bolsheviks, was captured in February 1920, interrogated for four months, and executed on 16 May, 1920, as an enemy of the people.


    Update: 22/11/2012 02:52 GMT+2:
    Request for Comment to White House: National Security Advisor: Mr. Thomas Donilon: Subject: WH: Mr. Donilon: Re: CNN: Petraeus Fired to prevent his support for Sustainable Security; exposing Nobel's 'War is Peace' Fraud



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