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    Being black in 2012

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    “Maybe Obama can go to black America for something more than votes every four years” and that is the sum of it, in reality the Black community receives nothing but empty promises, lies, and further oppression!



    “Op-Ed:  Goldberg: Obama needs a family plan, He could show some leadership on the state of the black family, and the American family in general.”



    “Maybe Obama can go to black America for something more than votes every four years” by Jonah Goldberg, LA times, November 20, 2012,


    ..and Jonah Goldberg that is the sum of it,  Barack Obama, the CBC, and the Democratic Party have used the black community for votes and the Black community receives nothing but empty promises, lies, and further oppression.


    "Forget politics for a moment......focus on what Goldberg observed with respect to the family unit.
    In that respect....I believe Obama has a voice.
    Political ideaology? Well....that's a different story...."
    by Expat2001
    Still unacceptable, because Barack Obama is a liar, a hypocrite, disgraceful, and definitely unfit to speak out against or talk down to any U.S. born black family unit! 
    I choose my own heroes, the number one set being my Father and Mother, and President Barack Obama does not deserve to be on the very bottom of the list of my heroes!
    Web Sources,
    CNN I-Report:  "Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School is not alone proof of competency"
    CNN I-Report: "Advice to be a Responsible Father Must Come From an Individual Who is Not a Liar and a Hypocrite!"
    YouTube:  "Barack Obama's Speech on Father's Day" by Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on Jun 15, 2008
    ...Barack Obama lost the respect of many U.S. born black men, when he talked down to U.S. born black men as being unfit Fathers on Father's Day, in 2008, primarily to pander for Caucasian America for votes.....
    .....talking down to U.S. born black men on Father's Day, all while President Barack Obama does nothing when formally petitioned to uphold his oath office to competently serve law abiding U.S. born black men, women, and/or his or her sibling egregiously violated by government.


    The Democratic Party....AKA....the "Premier Party of Slavery/Jim Crow.... needs much more than just a "House Minority Leader".



    For decades and even in contemporary years, meaning today, no good sacrilegious reverends deliver the votes of black church congregations to the Democratic Party for gratuities, favors, kickbacks, etc., from the Democratic Party. In exchange for being used by treasonous reverends and the Democratic Party, a dysfunctional black electorate receives nothing but empty promises, further oppression, and “Taxation without competent Representation” from President Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and other elected officials affiliated with the Democratic Party who have contempt for the Constitution, the oath of office, and the rule of law.


    Oath of Office: "I, (President, Supreme Court Justice, Congressperson, Assemblyman, Mayor, City Councilperson, Judge, etc. ), during such times as I hold the office, I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States (the Constitution of the State of California, Maryland, Illinois, etc., etc.), against all enemies foreign (terrorist enemies of the U.S., illegal immigrants, un-American  or un-Constitutional anything and everything, etc.) and domestic (treasonous individuals or organizations, any Police Chief who turns a blind eye to the actions of rogue police officers, unethical or criminal elected officials or public servants, illegal aliens or his or her advocates, un-American anything and everything), and that I will bear true faith and allegiance, to the Constitution of the United States , (State Constitution), and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter."


    The Democratic Party needs to be reformed from top to bottom, because few of its' members, especially as it pertains to Barack "the Magic Negro/Illegal Alien bootlicking/Food Stamp President" Obama the Congressional Black Clueless.....AKA....the Congressional Black Caucus....respect and uphold the Constitution, the "Oath of Office", the "rule of law"........



    .......which is the major theme of the Party of Lincoln, the "purpose of American Civil War" President Lincoln to end the War and Slavery in the U.S., the "Republican Party", and/or the movie "Lincoln" produced by Steven Spielberg.


    YouTube: Tea Party Racism?? uploaded by bignatt on Apr 16, 2010


    ...by and large, one notable exception being no good Justice Clarence Thomas, conservative Republicans and the Tea Party are on track......

    ...because these individuals truly promote, respect and uphold the Constitution, the "Oath of Office", the "rule of law"........

    .....while President Barack Obama, and other Democratic Party members move light years in the opposite direction to mislead dysfunctional black voters, "Welfare recipients, freeloaders, illegal immigration advocates, gullible and misinformed young adults or college students, public service union members and leaders, "Dream Act" illegal aliens and anchor babies, etc."......

    ....individuals who will never have control over the property and Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, legal immigrants, business owners who work for his or her assets, the affluent, property owners, U.S. and global corporations, etc., etc.

    The 13th and 14th Amendments and other Constitutional protections are reserved for U.S. citizens and legal immigrants and not illegal immigrants, anchor babies, etc.


    Why The Black Caucus Looks The Other Way On Immigration-By Joe Guzzardi on May 9, 2003.


    A conversation between President Obama and the black community” Published on Jun 7, 2012 by drboycewatkins.

    Furthermore President Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, U.S. born black men and women are foolish and ignorant for promoting the "Dream Act", amnesty, citizenship, and Constitutional protections for illegal aliens, anchor babies of illegal aliens....individuals who are not entitled to Constitutional protections, and elected officials are not mandated by law and sworn under oath to represent illegal aliens and his or her anchor babies……..


    …….individuals who will never have control over the property of the many individuals who work for his or her assets, the affluent, business owners, U.S. and global corporations.





    Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh and other influential individuals have said it best, in that the primary following of President Barack Obama is the 47% class composed of dysfunctional black voters, "Welfare recipients, freeloaders, no good poverty pimping jackleg preachers, illegal immigration advocates, gullible and misinformed young adults or college students, public service union members and leaders, "Dream Act" illegal aliens and anchor babies.



    CNN I-Report: "Being the "Token Black Guy" by achavis09

    "I grew up in Iowa, and while I don't regret any aspect of my childhood, it took me a long time to figure out what it meant to be black. And it was tough, because frankly, I was rejected by much of the black community because I wasn't "black" enough. I wasn't white, but I wasn't exactly "black" either. I say "black" because I, and much of the community, was using a rigid definition that I couldn't make myself fit into. After a bit of an identity crisis, I realized that I was who I was, and though I am an African-American and proud of it, I'll never be what my notion of "black" was. And coming to that conclusion was the best thing I could have done. Because it freed me from my identity-less existence and allowed me to be myself and to be happy." by By achavis09

    A word of advice if you'll accept this. If you know in your heart, mind, body, soul and truth that you are living morally, truthfully, ethically, and on the right path, truly being competent at what you do....

    ....it should not matter to you what the black community, any individual, or any other community thinks of you.

    If you are living a life as described above of "living morally, truthfully, ethically, and on the right path, based upon being truly competent" then you would or should have the support of the only individuals who mean anything no matter what ethnicity, religious belief, creed, nationality, gender, etc., etc.




    I’m Not African American; I’m Black” posted by Wonder Woman on October 23, 2012


    Indeed Wonder Woman

    ….and U.S. born blacks have earned U.S citizenship rights.

    The term African-American is only true for black Africans or other immigrants who migrated to the U.S. to become naturalized U.S. citizens. All individuals who are Black, Caucasian, Chinese, Arab, etc., born in Africa who migrated to U.S. to become naturalized citizens would be African-American.



    If you are a U.S. born descendant of slavery like I am, or if you are actually a U.S. citizen by birthright like I am, then you are a U.S. citizen, and American citizen period, period.

    Although I'm U.S. born and black, I'm not African-American because both I, and previous generations of my family, be it my Dad or Mom, are U.S. citizens by birthright...and did not migrate to the U.S. from the African Continent.



    “Op-Ed:  Goldberg: Obama needs a family plan, He could show some leadership on the state of the black family, and the American family in general.”

    by Jonah Goldberg, November 20, 2012

    President Obama has several stated ambitions for his presidency. He wants it to be "transformative." He wants to unite Americans of all parties. He wants to build an economy from the middle class out (whatever that means), and he wants to help what you might call the domestic refugees of America's economic transformation.

    Given the principled disagreements dividing left and right in America, it's hard to see how he can accomplish these goals when it comes to conventional economic policy.

    But there is one area where Obama could be transformative and bipartisan while helping both the middle class and the poor. He could show some leadership on the state of the black family, and the American family in general.

    The thought came to me when a friend pointed me to a columnby the Washington Post's Courtland Milloy about how blacks are fleeing baseball at an alarming rate. Today only 8% of the baseball players are black. In 1959, black participation was more than twice as high at 17%. In 1975, the high-water mark, the rate was 27%.

    The reasons for the decline are many and controversial, but one cited by Milloy is that baseball is a game taught by fathers, while basketball and football are more often taught by peers in pickup games.

    Gerald Hall Jr., the director of a youth baseball program in Washington, told Milloy: "If you did a survey, I believe you'd find that the one thing average and above-average players have in common is a father. Baseball is, at heart, a father-and-son sport. And if you're a kid that has nobody to throw to, nobody to talk to, nobody to discipline you in the way that baseball demands, you're not likely to play the game."

    This struck me as more poignant than the usual bleak statistics about the black family. And they are bleak. About 70% of black kids are born out of wedlock. The out-of-wedlock birthrate for whites (29%) is now higher than what it was for blacks (24%) when Daniel Patrick Moynihan issued his (in)famous 1965 report, "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action."

    Although it's certainly true that the kids of some single parents can do very well, particularly if those solo parents have the financial or social resources to carry the load (just look at Obama's own childhood), it is also the case that as a generalization, kids from single-parent homes do worse. In other words, it may be better to have one good parent than two bad parents, but it's indisputably better to have two good parents.

    Put aside the arguments about traditional "family values," the simple fact is that two parents who wait to have kids will have more time and money to invest in their kids, and the kids will benefit as a result. Single moms with two jobs don't have time to play catch with, or teach the infield fly rule to, their kids.

    The decline of marriage among low- and middle-income Americans is a crisis afflicting all ethnicities. But among prosperous whites, marriage is doing pretty well. And the evidence has steadily mounted that marriage is a big source of that prosperity.

    Fewer than 1 in 10 births to college-educated women happen outside of wedlock, according to the group Child Trends, while for women with high school degrees or less, the number is close to 6 out of 10.

    As Richard Ralph Banks demonstrates in "Is Marriage for White People?," the same cannot be said of blacks. Contrary to widespread perceptions, marriage is not all that popular among middle- and upper-class blacks either. Black women, Banks reports, long for traditional family structures, but black men — even college-educated black men — for a variety of complex reasons are more ambivalent about it.

    As Moynihan learned, speaking honestly about the state of the black family is politically explosive, even when done with the best of intentions. But if there is one person in America with the moral and political standing to have a transformative and beneficial impact on that conversation, it's Barack Obama, a dedicated father and the most successful black man in American history. Nixon went to China. Maybe Obama can go to black America for something more than votes every four years.


    Copyright © 2012, Los Angeles Times



    CNN i-Report: Barack Obama’s idea of taxing the wealthy will not fix this problem, and BO’s policies are destined to increase the magnitude of damage to the economy upon falling off the financial cliff


    Avoiding the 'fiscal cliff' but falling anyway, Average Americans don't benefit from budget cuts. What's needed in the U.S. is the opposite — more stimulus to jump-start job creation. And why are capital gains tax hikes always off the table?

    by Michael Hiltzik, 5:01 AM PST, LA Times, November 21, 2012

    "But they haven't stopped with merely applying a misleading label. They've aimed their rescue efforts at fiscal nostrums that do nothing to address the truly urgent economic issues facing American workers and businesses today. They've confined the discussion of tax reform to tweaks that will leave virtually intact the most important tax break for the wealthy (the preferential treatment of investment income), while turning their gun sights on government programs that keep millions of Americans healthy and out of poverty (think Medicare and Social Security)."



    …….and since the affluent won’t be picking up the tab and even then there are not enough  combined wealthy individuals in the U.S. to pay for the financial woes that President Barack Obama and the Obama Administration have created.....and the poor, poverty stricken, public union advocates or bosses, and/or millions of illegal immigrants won't be paying for this either……this means that the middleclass, and the working class will be paying higher taxes for generations to come to pay for ObamaCare, pay down on a 16 trillion dollar deficit and climbing, to pick up the tab for inept and fiscally dysfunctional elected officials, public servants, and "millions of freeloaders".

    ....which says is all, meaning President Barack Obama and the Obama Administration's threat of taxing the rich is not even on the drawing board...

    ....and once again, BO's strongest and extremely gullible voting base have been bamboozled, tricked, deceived, etc.

    But Oh well that is the nature of the black community, in that typically black voters, the black community in general has so much contempt for the Caucasian community, fiscal conservatives, conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, former President George Bush, former President Ronald Reagan, Mitt Romney, etc., etc., that a liar or liars from within the Black community itself, such as Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus, members of the Democratic Party can be walking and talking in slow motion, directly in front of, in plain view, and be readily heard lying continuously......and the gullible from within the black community would still accept the lies from President Barack "the Magic Negro" Obama and the Obama Administration as being the truth and fact.


    When President Barack Obama was a U.S. Senator, a so-called civil rights/Constitutional lawyer, and community organizer, Barack Obama was just as much of a liar, a hypocrite, and sleazy, as he is today.


    CNN I-Report: "Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School is not alone proof of competency"

    CNN made this clear to all the individuals who viewed this, one being yours truly......namely airing black inner-city residents being exposed to deadly and life threatening asbestos....to which Barack Obama stood firm in using his influence to look out for the "front office, building management", etc., etc., and did nothing to protect innocent black men, women, and/or children exposed to asbestos in a Chicago public housing facility in the "inner-city".


    CNN claims "Chicago-style politics" in Obama's signature challenges in state Senate race -- while ignoring McCain's Arizona-style politics” by Jeremy Holden, August 21, 2008

    .......BO is indeed a Chicago Cut-Throat unworthy of praise, honor, respect or the first vote.


    Lies Don't Keep Us Safe. Keeping Us Safe Requires Respect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution. The government's argument is untenable. “The government cannot, under any circumstance, affirmatively mislead the court” by U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney

    "Insisting on honesty as the only policy, the supreme ruled Wednesday that public employees can be punished for lying, even when they merely deny an accusation that later turns out to be true”.

    “ …….Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. 'An employee who is asked about possible wrongdoing has only two legal choices: Tell the truth or say nothing”. (LA Times, January 22, 1998.)

    ........"Tell the Truth or Say Nothing" also applies to any U.S. President, Congressional office holder, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Attorney General, court official, court clerk, Deputy City Attorney, Judge, elected official, lawyer, journalist, etc.

    Note: All hypertext are a link to actual court documents, signed affidavits, official correspondence, and other reputable sources.

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