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    Posted November 25, 2012 by

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    The Predicament of Mankind and the European Union by Ginet Sosemito


    Did the European Union and ECB take The Predicament of Mankind into consideration when founded.


    The Club of Rome is looking at the establishment of an entity not to be foreseen when writing The Predicament of Mankind, an entity named EU.
    Considering an entire continent being involved with the establishment of the EU, The Predicament of Mankind by The Club of Rome should have been taken into consideration as it should have been discussed worldwide and at The World Economic Forum.


    Have the hostilities amongst the people increased or decreased with the birth of the EU. If so, a positive impulse is needed.


    Perhaps when the EU was established it should have considered one Government. --After having communicated with the people to come to terms.


    Perhaps Europe's misery comes forth from not only a lack of communications from the Government with the people, not 'at', and the individual states and countries who see a divide within their borders as well.

    We are therefore looking at a Union of severely divided countries amongst each other and themselves.

    If each and every EU member is observing a divide within its country and a comatose economy with accompanying mindset of the people,
    then clearly a reassessment is needed. And possibly one Government as the United States of America has. What will this constitution hold.


    If this new Constitution would encompass, the Freedom of Speech, Economic Growth, no more Holocausts & Economic Apartheid, a renewed vision,
    a renewed vision based on the current world which has developed technologically and integrate Globally sans the political model which dates back prior to WWII.


    There is a clear contradiction in the Political model and the current evolved man.


    The evolved man however is not seen by the current Political model. Because,
    A) there are those who wish to not see B) the comatose state.


    The current evolved man & mankind is so strong & beautiful that it scares those who have taken the antique political model to call their own.


    That which you see in Europe is the Beautiful & Strong peoples crying in the streets to oppose those who have robbed them from just that.


    Ginet Sosemito


    November 25 2012

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