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    Posted November 25, 2012 by
    Gaza Strip. Palestine
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    Israel-Gaza conflict: Your stories

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    A Journal of a Blind Rescuer, an account of war and survival in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. PART 3

    The Israeli government has all the technologies that would make its army surgically and accurately hit their military targets in Gaza, yet a lot of Gazans including children, women, and elders die on a daily basis because of the Israeli F-16 fighting jets’ and drones’ airstrikes. And Hamas; although it doesn’t have quarter the quarter of the militaristic Israeli might, nor does it have tanks, warplanes, and warships, is firing primitive, homemade rockets on Israel in an act of defense; rockets that might be considered to be “fireworks” compared to the least that a missile launched from an Israeli unmanned drone would cause, with little, yet unbearable losses in Israel. Nevertheless, those rockets are fired in retaliation for the killing of innocent Gazans and the unjust life that Israel has brought on the heads of not only Hamas, but also the nearly two million civilians living in the Gaza Strip through an economic siege since 2006. And Israel claims that the Israeli army; in an act of self-defense, fires rockets and launches military operations in Gaza to target the “terrorists” of Hamas Terror Organization, or anyone who tries and defends Gaza for that person is also not less of a “terrorist” according to the Israel dictionary. How can I rival the unrivalled rivals of this fierce rivalry? How can I help an initiation of “agreement” over the “disagreements?” Although it is quite a simple matter of “cause and effect” that could possibly be negotiated, and accordingly it would be achieving peace and harmony in the area, still wars are being launched, and the current one was on its fifth consecutive day. So, how dare I mention “negotiations?” How dare I mention a so-called “process of peace” that has been deferred with ruthless wars and massacres since the 1948 Nakba – catastrophe, for the Palestinians, and for the Israelis since 1967? How dare I dream of stability with my eyes suspiciously open? How dare I speak out on a base of “neutralism” and preach about the need for “Co-existence?” Misapprehend this act of sacrifice that would likely be interpreted as an “act of naivety” or an “act of betrayal,” but my humble interpretation of that would be “a real call for peace;” “a real call of humanity.”
    Still, Melancholy could horribly creep through the firm bars of vulnerable hope I established to protect my heart behind, uncertainty’s claws severely lacerated a feeling of comfort I thought I had, and on that hill of injustice, scrambled with adamant, immovable blocks of brutality, the inexorability of the war’s inhumanity reached out to deliver its Death Notes to the uninformed little innocents and the elders of Al-Dalu family. To that family, November 18th, 2012 marked the end of time; it was Al-Dalu Family’s Apocalypse. To many others, including myself, it was a time of questioning the values of a life that’s lifeless. Clutching onto the little faith of smothered humanity within me, I fainted wakefully, and in a demonic sky with free-flowing arrows of unmerciful death and a sun eclipsed by the wings of savagery I carelessly floated. Oppressed freedom, aimless hopes, unfulfilled wishes, suffocated dreams, unachieved goals, unheard screams and voices, pale smiles, undiscovered paths, and above all, lost and terrified souls were all I could see inside that prison-like cloud; a Palestinian cloud that has been waiting for the winds of freedom and justice to blow for more than half a century. Dare anybody have a taste of such a life? That is the Gazan life in Gaza; the contemporary version of T.S. Elliot’s “The Waste Land.” Except that “April” isn’t the cruelest month,” but in Gaza “November” is. And “fear” isn’t shown to us in “a handful of dust,” but in “a handful of airstrikes”. That’s “The Waste Land” of Gaza being wasted through the opposites of this life’s values; that’s simply “Gaza Wonder Land?”
    The war was still in its 6th consecutive day, November 19th, 2012, and all I could do was just counting those days and nights hardly passing. With every minute crawling by, the situation in the Gaza strip kept getting worse, and that feeling of security that I deluded myself and my family with, was increasingly decreasing because of the escalation of the war’s heat. The less than half a mile away tunnels’ area was severely being targeted by the F-16 fighting jets’ airstrikes, and the balcony of the house became a window of terror where my family and I kept running to with every explosion to see how close those “Pillars of smoke” were. Then, I received some shocking news; the American International School of Gaza – AISG partially damaged as a result of an Israeli raid on a nearby police station, the school where I work. In the 22 day war on Gaza in 2008 – 2009, the school was completely destroyed and targeted with heavy shelling as Israel claimed that Military factions in the Gaza Strip made it a site to launch their rockets. Since then, the school has been struggling to complete its educational mission. It was never re-built due to the siege on Gaza and the difficulties of getting any construction materials inside the Gaza strip. Instead, the school’s administration rented three buildings over the past four years and proceeded with its mission to Gazans. And during this war, the mission was again interrupted, and the school had its share of the destructive power of the war machine. The school’s buildings were not but an addition to the so many buildings that were already targeted and demolished in the Gaza Strip; not to forget the death toll that’s increasing with the careless killing of civilians and kids. And all I could do was nothing but overdosing my veins with another unjust shot of sorrow to the already existing sorrows in my heart, and contacting the students to make them feel less hopeless about the matter. That’s how the blind giants of wars all over the world are; thirsty for destruction and blood. And the price for that is the suffering of the innocents.

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