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    Egyptian Revolution rages on (against new dictatorship)


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Egyptian iReporter and aspiring photojournalist HasanAmin86 captured these dramatic images from protests in Cairo over the weekend against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy's decision to extend his powers. The protests have continued this week, with Tuesday seeing thousands of demonstrators once again in the city's iconic Tahrir Square calling on Morsy to back off from the move. Our iReporter says the next steps for the country are unknown. "I don't know what is coming next - it's totally foggy," he said. "I'm concerned about the fate of the revolution."
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Tear gas bombs, rubber bullets, Central police forces brutality, kidnapping and arrests didn’t intimidate the Egyptians nor prevent them from chanting against the new dictator Morsi as they put the old one, Mubarak, in prison for life.

    A new face of worse fascism, Egypt has been ruled by military fascism for past 60 years, and now Egyptians are fighting the new religious fascism brought by Muslim Brotherhood, representing in Mohamed Morsi and his regime.

    As in the global edition of New York Times political cartoons (November 2012), Morsi says: Old regime was autocratic, dictatorial and secular, we are different, we are not secular!

    Failure after failure, Egyptians’ patience going down, the prices getting higher, still the officials treat Egyptians like their lives are worthless, this very arrogant and careless way of handling essential issues related to peoples’ life is exactly what caused the fall of Mubarak old regime.

    injustice, police brutality, fraud, neglecting people problems, margining public opinion, suppressing and sever violence against the protesters ( 2 young men were killed since the third wave of revolution began in 19th of Nov 2012,hundreds of injured with bullets and rubber bullets, unknown number of arrested and kidnapped with silly or trumped-up charges, most of them are minors (the two martyrs were 16 years old) !

    Almost a week of street boiling and the reaction of Morsi regime is very slow and when it comes, it was very disappointing, they raised the oil prices, they are proceeding with huge loans despite peoples’ anger, Morsi kept telling his supporters “who opposite me are few mercenaries, old regime supporters, traitors gathering and working in dark alleys, doing bad things and I know what they all are up to”

    Mubarak almost used same words!

    Morsi is a terrible lair! How come?! The first martyr (Gaber Salah AKA Gika) voted for Morsi against the old regime candidate!

    And the second martyr killed during defending Liberty and Justice Party Office (Muslim Brotherhood’s)!

    All people at Tahrir sq are same people who protested against Mubarak, and they will keep protesting against any coming tyrannies.

    During the week, Muslim brotherhood called for a march to support Morsi new decisions, as a bale reaction of what civil opposition (mainly Hamdeen Sabahi & Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, declared earlier that Tuesday (27-11-2012) will be a million protest against these dictatorial decisions, (Abdeen Square) MB choose to create their march in, people who live there raised flags and poster (No MB are allowed to be here) PS. It’s the neighborhood of Gika the first martyr in Morsi era!

    What made MB change the place to another Square, and then they finally cancelled it!

    During Gika funeral (Monday 26-11-2012) tens of thousands crowd chanted with anger and grieve with the old words (People demands the regime to step down) and (Step down Morsi!)

    They are freedom- peaceful- fighters, they are workers, students, housewives, ordinary people who forced the old regime to step down and voted for Morsi and here’s Morsi paying them back by accusing them with treason and conspiracy, and murdering their children!

    Egyptians already paid their debt to get a democracy and anyone thinks that he can establish his dictatorship throne over their heads, they will make him regret this idea very painfully, Egyptian blood is expensive, this is the fact every tyranny’s in Egyptians history deliberately forgot , and caused his epic fail.

    Hasan Amin



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