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    The fiscal cliff: Messages to Washington

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    Controlling Discretionary Spending

    Controlling Discretionary Spending

    When we talk about discretionary spending in most cases we are talking about personal entertainment or Government fat. These items can be easily identified, because it is the difference between needs and simple desires.

    The essentials in physical life are food-medicine, clothing and shelter. The government wants all citizens to have these basic needs thru social programs if necessary. To do this, the government should create tax loopholes to create philanthropy in terms of charitable contributions to support and provide the essentials of physical life for all Americans, thru spirituality. As the government should not be in the business of God, we should support mankind's choice of love and charity, in order that we maintain peace and harmony I society. Therefore where the government falls short charity can fill in.

    The important consideration that must be addressed, is civil obedience during hard economic times. People tend to attempt to escape reality during tough economic times. To escape reality in the reasonable world is to obtain entertainment. Understand it is human nature to drink, drug and play by those who are perishing. People tend to not want to feel the discomfort due to economic restrictions as a result of the lack of discretion. Meaning a person who cannot make ends meet will often become hopeless, fall behind never to catch up again.

    As in personal life I have to option to go bankrupt, as a government superpower such an option does not exist. Therefore either we pay down on the debt or the fall of the nation. The concern I have is how will people endure the lack of discretionary cash flow to accomplish this. As not all Americans will continue to be law abiding under such circumstances because they will not be able to manage their affairs under these restricted conditions. Therefore, if we cut spending in the civilian world only to increase incarceration and correctional spending what have we gained?

    For that reason, our goal has to be to cut out the fat or personal entertainment costs, while maintaining civil obedience. That is our task at hand. See it is not about democrats and republicans agreeing only, but also the acceptance of these changes by the American people, not in word but in deeds and actions. Anybody that knows simple arithmetic as President Clinton explained can cut a budget, but will it create more crime? Therefore, I believe the bonding factor is we have to bring down the price of entertainment, so people can be entertained while they endure hard economic times. Also, the mindsets of America has to be addressed or the result will be anarchy.

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