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    Posted November 28, 2012 by
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    The fiscal cliff: Messages to Washington

    Start with Congress

    Well let's see...Before congress looks at the American people for sacrafices, they need to look at themselves. Lets start with the life long pensions of the congress. Most if not all members of congress are fairly well off. So no more pensions or a drastic cut in them. Same for their health insurance. Increase the amount they pay into it or start making them pay 50% of their insurance like the rest of us. Next on the list cut the corporate welfare off. Oil companies make plenty of money, they don't need subsities. Oil subsities alone can help cover education. Cut out committees that are formed for the sole reason of politicial payback. A huge waste of time and tax money. If bogus fillabusters are going to cost the American people more money then the fillabusters has to end. Social Security DOES NOT have anything to do with the deficit so it stays OFF THE TABLE. Start rebuilding America's roads, bridges, transit systems and such. This puts people to work. When people work they pay taxes. Ohh there's a thought. Taxes need to be raised on the upper 2% regardless. That includes paying taxes on investments, dividends and capital gains, and yes overseas bank accounts.

    If you want health care to be cheaper along with health insurance, then repeal McCarren Ferguson Act of 1946. Go back to a single payer system. Health insurance companies are exempt from Anti-trust laws. Repeal the part of the prescription plan that doesn't allow the government to negotiate with the drug companies. Crack down on the fraud from the top down. Make marijuana legal. Treat it just like alcohol. The taxes from the that alone should clear the deficit real quick.

    There are many things that can be done I am sure. But this is a good place to start. No more games. Either congress grows up or they go. Will things still cost money? Absolutely. Making our country safer whether it's the military, infrastructure, our coast lines, air, water and food will always cost. But by doing sooner than later will cost less. Prevention goes a long way. Ignorance, stupidity and greed have to stop.
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