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    Posted November 28, 2012 by
    Nashville, Tennessee
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    The fiscal cliff: Messages to Washington

    Let's Be Smart

    We need to be smart about this. You can't pay debts if you don't make money. You also can't pay debts if you spend more than you make, which is what we're doing now.

    I agree that tax increases alone are not the answer; however they will help dramatically.

    First idea that comes to mind is cut congressional pay. Will that fix everything? No - however it will keep people out of Congress that 'want to help' but in turn do nothing but argue and create these lame duck sessions. Congressional pay salary is pretty nice - about 4 times what I make a year. If I could make that arguing, then by all means, tell me where I can sign up!

    Next, tax hikes for the the richest people in America. Not fair you say? What's fair about making a middle class family that has done everything in their power to pay for their mortgage, required monthly bills, gas, food, etc. and they're still falling behind pay more in taxes? That's how you get more people on food stamps, welfare, etc. and we need to get people off of that. If you're living in a mansion with a vault full of money (that chances are you'll never touch), you can afford to pay a little more in taxes. "That's not fair!" Well, life's not fair, so deal with it.

    Next, get Grover Norquist, corporations, lobbyists, and anyone else that's looking to personally benefit from laws being passed in their favor out of congress. I believe that if you are a congressman or woman, you should not be in communication with any corporation or anyone that's representing a corporation unless it's some form of a lawsuit. And anyone 'threatening' to end someone's political career over a pledge that was made years ago should have 0 power and/or influence anywhere. That's just plain and simple. If you're afraid that doing the right thing for your country could cost you your job, who's going to end up actually doing the right thing? No one, and no one should be forced to make a decision like that.

    Final step - close tax loopholes. Find the best and the brightest tax geniuses - those without ties to corporate America - put them in a room to scrub through the current tax laws and close all of the loopholes. No, you don't get to justify a business expense by opening a factory in another country. No, you're not going to get millions of dollars given to you because you're a big corporation. Charitable contributions should be given a cap to prevent donating 5 million dollars and then be given 5 million dollars in tax returns. That helps no one. Close the loopholes that cost the country millions if not billions of dollars per year - and guess where all that money goes back to? The corporations that are already sitting on millions and billions of dollars; the people that don't need assistance.

    Just my 2 cents.
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