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    Posted November 29, 2012 by
    Cumming, Georgia
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    Loving and losing a dog: Your tributes



    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     nessie2012 says she believes her beloved pup is in a better place. 'I think dogs have souls and I hope I will see him again some day,' she wrote via email. 'I think he is probably taking a nap or eating a banana which he loved.'
    - katie, CNN iReport producer

    He picked us at a pet adoption event that we stumbled upon. He caught my attention with his big almond colored eyes and his gentle way. He came home as a scared little puppy with long legs and a pink tummy. He was so scared he wouldn't stop shaking for hours after we got home. Then he realized we already loved him and he got brave enough to walk around and allow himself to explore. Nestor we named him. It was a strong name for a gentle sweet puppy. He would eventually grow up and become strong but he would always be gentle. He was gentle and he gave me so much love and comfort when I had a miscarriage. He just stood by me while I cried on the bathroom floor. He was there and he was gentle and loving when we had a baby but couldn’t bring him home from the hospital for 10 days. I cried every one of those days and he stood by me. He understood that things had changed after the baby came home but he still offered his love and would appreciate any kind of attention even a glance. He would happily wiggle his tail if you just as much smiled at him. He was there when we moved to a new house and he picked the spot for his bed. He was there when I hung chocolate ornaments on our Christmas tree and they magically disappeared. The only evidence I had were the wrappers and the guilty look on his face. He was there to announce every guest that came to our house before they could even ring the doorbell. He was there to snatch the bananas my son left laying around. He was there when we brought our second baby home and he welcomed her with a gentle sniff on her head. He never chewed on my shoes. He never tore anything apart. He let the kids climb all over him and pull his tail. There are no extraordinaire tales about him .However; he was extraordinary to me. He was always there to offer me security, love, and joy. Now he is no longer there...he left too soon. The Monday after Thanksgiving his stomach twisted just like in that movie Marley and Me. I rushed him to the vet and I thought he would be fine. I couldnt believe when he came back and told me "I am sorry...he is gone". I drove home with a lump in my chest and tears rolling down my eyes. I could not believe it...maybe they would call me later and tell me it was a mistake. I knew he was getting old but I was not ready for that. He is no longer there to welcome me when I come home. He is no longer there to nudge me with his nose and ask me to take him for a walk. He is no longer there to lean on me while I watch tv. He is no longer there to give me that unconditional love. He is no longer there to stand by me. I never realized how he filled the house with his gentle presence. I miss his footsteps against the wood floors. I miss the noise he made when he drank water. I miss his snore at night. I miss watching him watching me from strategic places around the house. I miss everything about him. My gentle friend is gone and he took a piece of my heart with him. I will be forever grateful for the love and joy he brought to our lives. My beautiful Nestor...my heart aches every time I go home and you are not there. I still open the door and call your name. But I need to be brave like you were the first time I brought you home. Yesterday the UPS man left a package and rang the doorbell. It was so weird  to hear that sound. It was so unfamiliar by itself without your barking in the background. I cried yet again. It is all too recent. Thank you for your love...we will meet again. Until then...I will still cry for a little while but I will also continue to brag about the best furry friend I’ve ever had and I will smile every time I think about you. I love you buddy!!!

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