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    Posted November 30, 2012 by
    Round Rock, Texas
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    Making it in America: Mompreneurs

    Round Rock Texas Mom develops the Hair Banger™

    Hello HLN, After having the pleasure of seeing two episodes of the "mompreneur piece", I wanted to send you some information about my home-based business, Imagine Hair. I have been a single mom for over 12 years and have also managed to run my salon out of my home here in Texas for about 22 years. This is where I had the novel idea of creating clip-in bangs when my daughter came to me wanting bangs, but did not want to cut her hair. I immediately went to work in my shop and created a perfect realistic bang for her that she could clip in or take out within a couple seconds. Both my daughter and I are lovers of rock music, the name Hair Banger™ was born. After many improvements and dozens of special requests, I have come up with three different lines of the Hair Banger. Please read my bio below and visit my web site www.imaginehair.com for more information. I think you will agree that the Hair Banger would be a fun and worthwhile gift for girls and moms. I would be thrilled if you would give my small business a shout-out. We are quite busy making these fun hair products, but we are in need of increasing sales and your help would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Stormy McCowen

    My Bio:

    Meet Stormy C. McCowen innovator, entrepreneur, educator and creative mind behind the revolutionary products at ImagineHair.com and working out of her Round Rock, Texas hair replacement studio called AustinHairReplacement.com. Her groundbreaking designs span over 22 years. Stormy’s passion is helping as many people as possible and her motto is ‘Your Hair Your Way!’ “It’s not just about the hair, it’s about the heart” Stormy emphasizes. Throughout her career Stormy has been giving people with hair loss a second chance.

    She has helped people who have suffered cancer related hair loss and even severe burns on their scalp and worked with their surgeons to develop special customized hair units and prostheses. It is imperative that the customized hair not irritate the sensitive tissue following a traumatic burn, accidents or chemo. For example, for Barry Rhodes this required a special adhesive. Stormy conducted extensive research and development for this adhesive for the individual’s specific needs. Surviving a serious multiple rollover car accident Barry suffered severe abrasions and scarring on his head which left him with just one layer of epidermis. This meant that Barry was not a candidate for a surgical hair transplant. Dr. Chow of UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas worked in direct unison with Stormy to help Mr. Rhodes. Dr. Chow writes “without Stormy’s extensive knowledge about hair, hair products and human aesthetics, Mr. Rhodes may not have the results he has today.” Barry is a speedboat fanatic and on any given weekend you can find him flying down the lake at Mach II. Likewise he feels secure and confident with his hair.

    Adding to her motto and mantra, “As a Christian woman I believe in helping as many people as possible. I also believe in treating people as individuals. I don’t make them feel as if they are a hair club number.” Take the story of Casey for instance. (See www.imaginehair.com and go to ‘Gallery’ for complete story). Casey suffers from a serious, but often misunderstood disease called Trichotillomania. This involves patients, typically females, who pull their hair out of their scalp leaving completely bare spots all around the head. Casey’s mother had heard about Stormy’s work from the AustinHairReplacement.com web site, so she decided to take Casey in to see if there was hope for improving her appearance. Casey had become increasingly self-conscious about

    the bald spots and wanted to do something about it. During the visit, Stormy went to work immediately and thought “Hey, I have already developed a product that might work!” She took one of her best selling items, the Hair Banger™, by Imagine Hair™ and positioned it over a bald area on Casey’s head. She worked it in with the remaining hair Casey had and it looked completely natural. So, Stormy used two additional Hair Bangers and was able to cover the remaining areas of baldness on Casey’s scalp. Casey’s mother and Casey were elated at the astounding results. Stormy loves telling the story about how Casey was beaming with confidence and with tears of joy in her eyes as she left the studio.

    Not only does Stormy help those with severe problems, but she also helps those with every day hair loss needs. Daffana Gray is a black woman with chemically abused and brittle hair. “My hair is so fragile that fine weaves are not for me. Stormy was able to quickly develop a single no-commitment hair extension, “The Daff” specially for Ms. Gray. The Daff is in production and will be premiering on ImagineHair.com June 2012. “I love my new hair and I feel 20 years younger. Not only that, but I can sleep comfortably with this hair. I can transition in just minutes and can do any style by myself. This extension has already changed my life as it has been a complete makeover for me.” Says Daffana. With Stormy’s Hair Bangers, women no longer have to sit in the chair at the salon for hours getting their hair intricately weaved.

    Although Stormy is not a transplant surgeon, people from as far away as Norway have sought her out because of her renowned knack for solving hair loss related problems.

    The years of helping people with unique problems has led Stormy into developing products for the masses. This explains how Imagine Hair was born and why Stormy has developed her own line of extensions. Nearly 8 years of development and designing has led to the popular Hair Banger. One look at the Imagine Hair web site [www.imaginehair.com] store and you will realize how many helpful as well as fun products there are for girls and women. There are even products that guys can use too.

    The Hair Banger by Imagine Hair is one of the most versatile products that Stormy has designed. The Hair Banger is a must see and could very well be in every woman’s arsenal of hair products. Imagine having bangs in an instant without the commitment of cutting your hair. This universal bang product adds no-commitment volume or color in an instant. You just pull your hair back, clip it in, comb it and you have instant fullness and texture. Or, it can be worn over thinning areas such as the crown or on the sides. You can have one to go with every outfit. Just like Casey, you may prefer to wear more than one at a time. There are 30 colors to choose from so there is a match for every woman.

    Realizing that customers over 40 years of age were gravitating towards the Hair Banger, Stormy realized that there was a need for these ladies too. So, she went immediately to work and developed the Hair Banger Elite© which comes in grays, streaked variations and salt and pepper hair colors. There are 9 colors available. See Hair Banger Elite at www.imaginehair.com.

    For more information:

    Contact Stormy C. McCowen at AustinHair
    Replacement.com or for Imagine Hair retail products, contact Stormy at

    For private consultations or to schedule a
    training class, contact Stormy at her studio:

    512-989-1122 or 1-888-999-7840

    Stormy McCowen
    IMAGINE Hair©
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