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    Posted November 30, 2012 by
    Amol, Iran, Iran

    My American friend and professor I Supported him during and after Islamic Revolution in Iran


    In the year 1976 I was introduced to Dr. Shaffer who was teaching English language in the University of Mashhad, Iran. I was also studying pharmaceutical sciences there. One of my professors introduced us to each other. Soon, we became close friends and very intimate. Whithin a few months after the establishment of the Islamic Revolution, the so-called Cultural or  Educational Revolution started after which almost all universities were closed down. After a couple of weeks I was informed by other students that the names of some academic staff were listed as agents of the Shah's Intelligence Service (SAVAK). I became very anxious about Doug's (Dr. Douglas Shaffer) activity other than being a professor. Indeed, in a doubt. Might Doug be in the list?  Or as a CIA agent? I owed Doug all my progresses and his helps. Then, I went to the university to check the list. After I was assured that he is not included, I seriously decided to take care of him to be safe and secure because the condition was highly dangerous, and by no means predictable. Foreign people especially the Whites could not walk the streets as before. I recommended Doug to apply any safety measures to effectively reduce the chances of attacks or blind shootings...especially  when I had to leave Mashhad... After 2.5 months I returned to Mashhad... I took him covering his face with a towel on my Citroen car to Amol (my birthplace, north of Iran) where my parents were living there. I don't want to say that how life-threatening was this trip and how we could pass many Security Stops prior to entrances and exits to all cities along the 900- km distance from Mashhad to Amol... we stayed a few days with my family...he participated in my wedding ceremony (from which I have a photograph) ...until I took him to a hotel just opposite to US Embassy in Tehran...on the day after [July 7, 1979], he left Tehran on a flight  to London. He sent me a postcard from London, and then flew to the USA. Since1979 I haven't met him. I am waiting to be helped by the US Ministry of Affairs to have a visit to my intimate friend and professor [Dr. Douglas Shaffer, Austin, Texas] which I deeply missed him. THIS IS A TRUE STORY OF AN AMERICAN PROFESSOR AND ME. I wrote this e-mail very concisely and needs the full story be completed.
    I Hereby request  Ms. Amanpour of CNN to forward this e-mail to Mr. John F. Kerry, The Secretary of State, who can easily solve my problem [ie., meeting my American friend and professor].


    Thanks to CNN Team of iReport
    Dr. Ali A. Rudgar
    Oct. 01, 2012

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