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    Posted December 2, 2012 by
    Vientiane, Laos

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    Laos: Communism is not what we want

    Recently, the Communist faction known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic took power in December 2, 1975. Their agenda was to free Laos of all foreign controls and be a sovereign country. Still worst, the strong grip of power led to a deeper separation of the people and more destruction to the country. A great number of Lao citizens, educators, intellectuals, the king and the queen were eliminated and those who escaped from the hands of the Lao communists had to flee for their lives and are scattered at every corner of the world.

    Looking back into the history of Laos and to make Laos become great again, we all can see what Laos needs to do.

    We, the Lao people of all ethnics need to reunite as the great King Fa Ngum once did in the Lao history. Therefore, we must start out fresh and stop all ideas and practices that have made us weaker, become smaller, lived in instability and lagged behind in all forms comparing to other nations in the world. We also need to:

    -Stop all communist ideology and practice that lead to nation breakdown and resulting in absolute control of power by one party

    -Stop all forms of dictatorship, and war-lord system

    -Stop all forms of revenge and animosity from the past among the Lao people

    -Stop all forms of separatism, racism of all ethnics and become as one nation comprising of all ethnic groups

    -Unite all Lao people of all ethnics from every corner of the world and rewrite the new constitution that is best and suitable for all Lao citizens

    The basic rights for the people of Laos must include:

    -Freedom of speech
    -Freedom of the press
    -Freedom of religion
    -Freedom to travel
    -Freedom to assemble
    -Freedom to conduct businesses
    -Freedom to create, invent and express all form of ideology for the interest and development of Laos and the Lao people

    Laos is to govern under the democratic rules of law.

    -The Democratic power is absolute for the Lao people, created by the Lao people and for the Lao people

    -The president is elected by the people

    -Main policy is to adapt, encourage and accept new ideas for the good of national interests and to compete with an ever changing world

    -The Lao Government is to serve and protect national interests and the Lao people of all ethnics equally

    For more than two centuries, our country had suffered all kinds of chaos and calamity due to the disunity and breakdown of autonomous power. We have experienced communism and its aftermath. We all can see what the communist system has done and still causes the breakdown and disunity of Laos and the Lao people.

    We need a fresh start by forgiving and forgetting the animosity among the Lao people of all ethnics, age and gender who are living inside and outside of Laos. We must unite and live in a democratic system. We must open the door to all Lao people of all ethnics from every corner of the world to help build what is left of Laos to be the strongest and mightiest as it once was and for future generations to come.

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