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    Posted December 2, 2012 by
    lima, Ohio
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    UPDATED! 12-15-12 Found dehydrated & confused in Arizona


    We have been looking for him, posting signs, searching, requesting time on the news and we had no leads.... Then the phone rings at Susan's, it was Dominic... I cant exspress how greatful I am that he was able to call home the only details we have are what is below posted from Facebook, AND I confirmed with his wife Susan... Thank you everyone for your support in trying to Locate dominic!

    These are Facebook Posts on the Help Find Dominic Fricano page:

    If anyone has asked a specific group, page or agency to post missing flyers, please take the time to let them know that Dominic has been found and is safe. That way the people on those groups can hear the wonderful news AND put their efforts into finding those people who are still missing. Thanks!


    Giuseppe Joe Fricano
    A Joyous Note from Susan:
    All Glory and Honor to God....It is true...Dominic is alive. I cannot believe that as you wake up on this beautiful Sunday that you can see that Dominic is ok. He is dehydrated and has not eaten in over a week but he will be ok. He does not know exactly what has happened and lost some time and is confused but after some fluids and rest we pray that he...
    will be returned to normal. I cannot express my gratitude and thanks enough for all of the amazing prayers of everyone....For those of you who have never had anything like this happen to you I pray it never does and you cannot imagine the joy that we are feeling. For those of you who have had something similar to this, you will have a special place in my heart as it was something I never want to experience again
    . I love my family and my friends and all of you who came with hugs and prayers. You kept us going. For those of you who cannot understand the joy we are feeling...my sympathy to you. As has always been through this whole ordeal all of the people who know Dominic or our family are as happy as we are. I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who gave of their time to search for him including the Indiana search and rescue who were amazing, Bree, Tammy Brown, and Katelyn for doing this facebook. I would especially like to thank the Allen County Sheriff , Delphos and Van Wert police departments for all of their assistance as well as the FBI. ( no offense but I would rather meet over food next time) They told me about stress and mental breaks and how they can happen to anyone at any time but I fought them, knowing he would never leave as Dominic. He did not leave as Dominic....my prayers that no one ever has this happen to them. He is upset that he has bothered people....I told him no one cares, that we stormed heaven with prayers and they were answered. We just want him home safe and sound. I would also like to thank mall employees and especially the amazing Viva staff who bound together to get through all of this. Who put up with me and supported myself and my children through this nightmare. I would like to mention in closing that one of our close family friends John is being ordained in Rome today....what a glorious answer to all our prayers. God Bless EVERYONE!


    Attention Everyone: Praise God we've just heard word that Dominic is Alive! However we are still unsure of many details including his safety..this is still VERY early for a full explanation of all details because no one knows. PLEASE give the Susan, the family and the authorities time to figure out what's happened to Dominic. PLEASE PLEASE continue to pray. May God answer our prayers and bring Dominic how for Christmas.


    12/05/12 UPDATE

    There still has been no leads on finding Dominic Fricano, The police cannot do anything without leads, they have none as far as I know.. No one has reported seeing the van he was last seen driving to work, No one has reported a call, nothing. Its like reporting a UFO, there is no evidence as of right now... there is no real direction to take this case... The only direction is the ping of HIS cell phone around Delphos Ohio 25 minutes after he had left his store.

    There was no skid marks in the parking lot, no signs of foul play, nothing, no notes, nothing... His family has no idea where he may have gone, or where he may have been taken, nothing.. He is NOT the kind of man you would find just up and leaving his family.

    He is a hard working family man, at least one person from every store in our Lima Mall eats at his business, Dominic talks and visits with people in the mall daily.. Dominic is a very kind loving man, I would hate to be in his familys shoes right now... Not knowing is going to make everyday harder for them...

    All the police need is a lead of where he may be, if anyone has seen or heard anything that may help anything at all that may be a clue to help the police find him...


    if you have seen christmas lights in the rear window of a White Chevy express van with a silver/white rack on top of van license plate FFW 1301

    or any information at all please Anyone with information should call the sheriff’s office at 419-227-3535.




    Dominic Fricano, owner of Viva Maria, disappeared Friday. Left is a current picture, with a beard, provided by his family. The picture on the right shows him without his beard, provided by the Allen County Sheriff's Office. Anyone with information should call the sheriff’s office at 419-227-3535.


    Dominic fricano
    Age 55
    Driving a White Chevy express
    2004 with silver rack on top of van
    license plate FFW 1301

    MISSING since 11/30/2012 at 11:00 am from the Lima mall where he works at viva Maria..He left to make the store deposit but never made it to the bank, he had his work clothes on, and has not returned. He and his wife own a local business at the lima mall here in Ohio, we are starting a search party this morning but we need the publics help.

    Dominic Fricano stands 5 foot 11 and approximately 250 pounds, with brown eyes. He has black hair with touches of gray & he currently has a beard and a mustache.


    Please lift the Fricano family up in your prayers and help us spread the word. He was last seen at the Lima Mall, but the police were able to pick up a GPS "ping" from his cell phone in Delphos, OH at 11:27am Friday morning before his cell phone was turned off. If you have any information, PLEASE call (567) 712-0982!!!


    Anyone with information should call the sheriff’s office at 419-227-3535.
    Our local community is starting a search party as well.


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