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    Posted December 2, 2012 by
    Mineapolis,, Minnesota

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    Minneapolis man beat into coma by police – no news coverage


    "A media outlet, which refuses to give the public all the relevant facts have proven to be the enemies of an informed public. That makes them, by extension the enemies of a democratic Republic."


    by Donald Allen, Editor in Chief-The Independent Business News Network


    Minneapolis, MN…The African-American community of Minnesota is in shock over the recent brutal police beating of an African-American college student who was left close to death, in a coma for over 24-hours by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department.


    The most shocking revelation of this what we attest is a violent misconduct of the law was local mainstream media in Minnesota swept the news item under the rug without doing their jobs as agents of mass communication and information to the general public.


    A veteran reporter from Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper, Mr. Steven Brandt viciously attacked this IBNN NEWS and it’s creditability citing, “Maybe Mr. Allen can tell us where in the non-corporate media-aside from Mr. Allen's blog in which I do not place a great amount of faith-one can read coverage of the beating Mr. Allen describes.” The Star Tribune was alerted to the incident, knew that it was factual and even went as far as to assign a reporter to call the victims attorney to set up an interview at the scene.


    This isn’t the only instance of Minnesota’s corporate media’s abandonment from best practices.


    WCCO-TV 4 with reporter Reggie Chapman actually interviewed the attorney representing the victim and the victim himself – which was shelved by the CBS affiliate for reasons they don’t care to explain at this point other then, “we’re working on it.”


    KMSP-9, the FOX News affiliate in Minnesota has also done their viewers and the minority-ethnic community a disservice with the insistence from a senior producer stating, “I don’t know If this is actually true,” requesting that IBNN provide police reports and photos. IBNN submits, this is a job mainstream media personnel get paid to do. Why didn’t they?


    On Saturday, December 1, 2012 the BlogTalkRadio program ON POINT featuring Mr. Ronald A. Edwards and IBNN’s Don Allen interviewed the attorney for the college student that was beat into a coma by Minneapolis Police. Attorney Mike Padden gave a step-by-step encounter on what happened on the night of November 20, 2012 along with witness information, which match what IBNN had been telling it’s readers and local media since first breaking the story a week before. (Listen to the full podcast here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ronanddonshow/2012/12/01/the-ron-and-don-show-local-media-goes-black-on-black)


    Many mainstream media insiders and reporters tell IBNN the reason why this important piece of local news was “skipped” was because of the change in guard inside the Minneapolis Police Department. On Tuesday, December 5th, Janeé Harteau, who won unanimous approval from the City Council to become what’s touted as Minneapolis’ first Lesbian and 1/3rd Native American police chief takes over as the new police chief. She told local reporters her initial priorities include departmental changes and examining "use of force" policies.


    It seems in the brutal beating of college student Mario Booker, Chief Harteau has her work cut out for her within the ranks of the Minneapolis Police Department.

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