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    'The Hobbit' is here!

    11 Long Years Passed...


    It was Christmas day 2001 when I was whisked away to a land that I'd never return from. It was the day I saw 'Fellowship of the Ring'.


    I was a senior in highschool, barely finding out who I actually was, shaking off "friends" who no longer felt as such, and needing to re-connect with the nerd I once was. I was a lost soul, and this story brought me back to center.


    I had been in contact with Tolkien's works in the past, but only short and fleeting. I guess I really needed a blast of an immense, action-packed, beautifully detailed movie to get my attention again. Some would call that stupid, but I'm an artist by nature, and the art direction, costume design and cinematography in this film just did it for me.


    I immediately delved into the story. Carrying a huge copy of Lord of the Rings around in my backpack, and having teachers threaten to take it away from me in class; as I couldn't ever put it down. The same it went for my Hobbit copy as well, and my Silmarillion copy.


    The movies and history of this fabled land gave me a muse. I learned that I could sew and make jewelry. Paint and draw. Create things again which I hadn't done through most of highschool.


    I made it a point to learn how to sew costumes due to how gorgeous the costume design was in this film. Captivated, I set out to make my very first costume. Now, my mom had always made my Halloween costumes as a child, so I was always lucky to have a homemade, more accurate rendition of anything I wanted to be. Taking that, I made a costume of Arwen's that was 5 sizes too big, made from the completely wrong fabrics, and by all accounts...was horrible! But I loved it. I was so proud that I did hand beading on the sleeves and I had grown my hair our to an elven length. AND I had elf ears! Prosthetic though they were, it was the thought that counted.


    Costuming and going to midnight premiere and Trilogy Tuesdays, opened the door to conventions. And in 2004 I went to my first con; Dragon*con in Atlanta, GA thanks to my friend Katherine. I had been in contact months prior with a group that called themselves "Arms of Middle Earth". They were going to walk in the parade as LotR characters, have dinner meet ups, photo-ops and panels. I was more than excited for that, without realizing some of the minor stars of the films would be there as well!


    I was just expecting to come back home to San Antonio, TX with just those experiences. I actually ended up meeting the love of my life.


    It sounds like a nerdy, meant-to-be cliche, it really does. From across the room I saw a cute guy dressed as "behind the scenes Legolas" (in order to cover up the horrible wig that you could buy from Party City)...what girl could resist a guy, that even physically LOOKED like Legolas, at that time? Shy me went over to him and introduced myself. More than I thought I was capable of.


    That last day of Dragon*con led to 8 years later. I moved all the way out to Georgia and thanks to Tolkien, Peter Jackson and all who were involved, met my nerdy soul mate in more ways than one.


    We've both been highly anticipating the release of the Hobbit films for over a decade now. Since FotR played across the screen, the thought of more time in Middle Earth was sweet music to our ears. I've just completed a nearly screen accurate Bilbo for a friend who looks, creepily, like Martin Freeman! Handmade down to the buttons.


    We've collected, made and worn bits of LotR/The Hobbit memorabilia. I've made alot of costumes or "cosplays" over the years, but LotR/The Hobbit costumes have been made more times over than anything else! I've made anywhere from Legolas to the Witch King. To Arwen and Bilbo!


    All of which can be seen on my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Celtic-Ruins-Costumes/193671420680273?ref=hl


    The stories and the film, the general world ingulfed me. It forced me to grow and learn who I really was: an artist, a lover, a nerd, a friend, an explorer and a book worm.


    But most of all a lover of all things Middle Earth!


    Some photos were taken by Jack Herzberg: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-Herzberg-Photography/191850164216761?fref=ts


    View more here! http://celticruins.deviantart.com/

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