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    Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

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    Destination: Egyptian Presidential Palace


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Thousands of Egyptian demonstrators marched to the presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt, on December 4, calling on President Morsy to roll back his decree granting him sweeping constitional powers, said HasanAmin86, a photojournalist in Cairo.
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    From all over the country huge marches moved towards the Egyptian Presidential Palace, as Morsi continues his stubbornness and deafness, as he didn’t listen to people voice in Tahrir Sq and other squares of Egypt for last couple weeks, so people went to his own place to deliver their message with their angry voice: Step Down!


    Remember that this kind of escalation happened only once, in 10th of Feb 2011, just one day before Mubarak step-down!

    At the beginning, people were much calmer, the chants in the early days were: “roll back the decree”, “don’t be a pharaoh/dictator”, but after a very long days from bad news and clashes and martyrs, slow reactions of Morsi and his reactions when he made it, it just made the situation worse.

    His supporters surrounded the Constitutional Court, prevent the judges from doing their work , which is supposed to be the day the Court will say the Committee that responsible for writing the Constitution is legit or not, needless to mention that the committee is now mono-polar, just Islamists or pro-Islamists, after  ALL other representatives has left protesting that fascist, racist, retro constitution that Islamists insist to let it pass as soon as possible, they finished it in 48 hours despite 75% of the members has left ! 

    Hundreds of Thousands has marched to Itehadeya presidential palace, and this was the first time for some certain classes to go chanting and protesting in the street, they were known with (Sofa Party) as they never participated in the Egyptian revolution and they always demanded “Settle down- stability”

    Bourgeoisie mainly used to be pro-mubarak, as they long lived during his era in their comfort zone, the warmth of their Sofa was very relaxing very temptative just to watch the revolution on T, and the chants of the revolution against Mubarak were very annoying and threating their prestige, they almost have no problems at all with Mubarak regime, au contraire they supported the old regime against the revolution, supported SCAF, General Omar Soliman and Marshall Shafik (old regime members) in the elections.

    Now, it’s clear, they have a very powerful incentive to leave their warm sofa and go protesting in the streets as Morsi is planning to deliver Egypt to his folks, islamists and pro-islamists , which will must reflect very badly on Sofa party members life style, they used to be the most liberal part of the society, the richest and the untouchables during Mubarak’s ruling, all these privileges are gone or in its way to other people as Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood took over the country.

    Those crème de la crème were forced to smell tear gases yesterday, while hundreds of thousands were surrounding the presidential palace, needless to say the numbers were very terrifying for Morsi who escaped from the backdoor!

    Independent TV channels and newspapers decided to black-out all of them in the day of the marches 4th of December 2012, to deliver a clear message of we refuse dictatorship.

    Morsi’s decree actually has united the nation against him!


    Liberals, leftists, media, top judges, the Opposition and non-political people, all of them are now against Morsi, he only has the support of pro-Islamists and Salafists.

    Escalation of the situation will not offer Morsi any good, as the streets are boiling with another revolution, with all civil disobedience and Judges Strike, Prosecutors refuse to supervise the constitution’s referendum , Morsi’s lame and slow arrogant reactions are really drive people mad, and make them more determined to make him either roll back his fascist decree or step down.

    If Morsi didn’t leave his denial soon, the consequences will be unfortunate for sure.


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