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    Posted December 5, 2012 by

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    Professor and Social Activist was kidnapped yesterday from his house and in front of his wife and children


    11.30am got a phone call from my grandmother telling me that my uncle Dr. Hamid Altubuly was kidnapped by unknown militia…


    That was when I started thinking what to do? Who to call? First thing came to my mind is that I must spread the news to the media, as I though putting some pressure might make them think twice before doing anything bad to him, that was when I thought of contacting Libya Al Ahrar TV channel, to spread the news and talk about the kidnapping, I must say they collaborated very well towards the news.


    As Hamid is one of the well known activists on Twitter during the Libyan revolution, everyone who knows him was shocked by the news, his friends on Twitter and everyone who supports human rights started spreading the word about on Twitter and Facebook, Finally the news of kidnapping a professor at Tripoli university, medicine school was everywhere,


    After about 3 hours of Hamid being kidnapped, I got a phone call from Asma Elmagariaf, daughter of the head of the General National Congress in Libya "we got the news, we are following it and we will do our best to find him, I won’t leave the office today till we find him” Asma said.


    Few hours after the kidnapping, we got a phone call saying that he’s with the SSC, although that it wasn’t a confirmed information, but it gave us a hope that at least there is place to start with.


    Mr. Magariaf, The Head of the GNC in Libya, made an official statment about the accident of the kidnapping, condemning this barbaric illegal action that started to increase more and more in Libya,


    The information, that Hamid is with the SSC  was getting stronger and stronger, but yet know one was able to take the action to release him, everyone on Twitter started to use the hash tag #FreeHamid in a try to spread the news more, although that I wasn’t using Twitter before, but I felt I needed to, as it’s a place where everyone could hear about the news and keep updated about it, I tweeted that we got a phone call, that Hamid is with the SSC- Dahra brigade 10, with no clear thoughts why would they still keep him!


    We tried to call Hamid’s number, at the beginning it was off, after a while we called again and it started ringing, but no one picked up, in the other hand, Hamid’s brother found the account of Hamid is online, the kidnappers started chatting with Hamid’s brother, that was the moment when his brother felt that he is defiantly not talking with his brother Hamid, it didn’t sound like it's the same way Hamid used to talk with him, clearly the kidnappers said; we have your brother and if you want to see him again, pay 2 million DL.


    I must say that many Libyan activists, journalists called me asking if they can help in any way, nearly everyone who knows Hamid has called me, some has tried to get some contacts with the brigade, but guess the ones they reached weren’t in a power of position to let Hamid go.


    Another phone call from a relative of Hamid’s wife, was able to exactly define the place where they are keeping Hamid in, the ralative asked us to send him some blanket and a jacket as the brigade told him; they will keep him for the night, the men of the family ran to Hamid and were able to see him, and finally after 12 hours we heard Hamid’s voice; I’m find, doing well, I might be released today or maximum tomorrow’s morning” Hamid said with a voice filled of happiness, we were strongly praying that he will be able to sleep safe at his home tonight. An hour later, Hamid was released and were allowed to return safe to his family.


    It was Hamid yesterday; it might be you tomorrow and if we don’t take a strong action towards the SSC, we will have to save a date on our calendars, as the possibility of this happening to us, is no way too far.


    Hajer Al-Sharif,

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