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    'The Hobbit' is here!

    This story begins like all stories do.


    It starts off with a girl, around age 11 (grade 7 est.), wandering around in a friendless environment. Her parents, at the time, were suffering from a strained marriage, one based on ultimatums and lies. The girl, who shall remain unnamed, lost herself in whimsical worlds. Zeus was her father some days, some days her mother was an unnamed fairy from a magical kingdom. She was the apprentice of Merlin and trained by Robin Hood in the art of archery. Soon, however, these worlds started to not be enough.

    Sensing this, one very brave librarian took this girl under her wing every study hall period. This poor girl, who did not shower often, and did not take care of herself quite as well as she should have. The brave librarian wielded a powerful weapon – the power of suggestion. Sensing being lost in the maze, finding her way out of the Tri-Wizard tournament for the 15th time (estimated) was not enough, she got a smart idea. Kindly, when the girl went to check out her magical world, the librarian suggested she try something new.


    What possibly, the girl wondered, could be more magical than a world full of wizards? Well, the librarian explained to her, this wonderful new movie was coming out soon. And should the girl be interested, she would hold a copy of the three books.

    Skeptical of anything being more exciting than the wizarding world, the girl took the new book instead. She did not expect to find a new home. Where wargs roamed and there were goblins to be slain. No, in this new world, there was so much more to be done. Rohan needed another shield-maiden; the elves required some assistance, and the wizard Gandalf needed to be helped on some far-off adventure. In her head, these lands were so new and beautiful that she felt she would never leave them.




    The lands that Tolkein had invented were so complex that even her broad imagination could not reach the borders of them. She she read all three books, in less than 5 days no less, and became enraptured. So enraptured, that she bought the books herself, to have at her bed on those dark, gloomy days.

    And, now the girl, at age 22, has never left. In fact, due again to the power of suggestion from a wonderful being who cared more than she deserved, she has revisited the past and has decided to join the journey to Erebor.

    Today, she has decided to take her imagination to the next level, however, and join The Company, imitating one of the most beloved of dwarves. This time she shall be Thorin’s slightly reckless nephew Fili with a person who cares far too much about her joining the journey as the very much so reckless Kili and a close friend, one that is loyal and hard to find, as Thorin, and a final friend who enjoys adventures just as much as her counterpart as Bilbo.


    She is now making costumes, in the case that the last paragraph may be vague, for the midnight showing of the glorious tale of dwarves looking to search for their home (for those not fortunate to understand too much prose see: The Hobbit).

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