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    Posted December 7, 2012 by
    Northeast Ohio, Ohio
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    Same-sex marriage hearings: Your thoughts

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    This was a blog a wrote the day after the 2012 November election…


    After the election in 2000, I thought if the "people" ever had the opportunity to vote on marriage equality, it wouldn't happen. And in the multiple elections following, this proved to be true as, time and time again, more states felt the need to define marriage as "between 1 man and 1 woman"... every time the "people" voted, the message was clear. I wasn't equal to them. Last night, for the first time, this changed. Three states voted on marriage and all three of them granted the gay community in their state equal access to those 1000 or so rights my heterosexual married friends have enjoyed just by being born that way (well, not really given that we only get state rights, not federal, but why rain on the gay parade!?). As I went through my day wondering why I wasn't more ecstatic, I realized how pissed I am that we're still voting on this. That anyone should be voting on whether or not I deserve equality. That anyone should be able to go to a ballot and "decide" whether I am worthy of their vote. It's such bull shit I can barely breathe. It literally infuriates me. I feel my blood boiling right now as I'm typing this at the ridiculousness of it. But somehow I have to move beyond the anger and be "thankful" that MD, ME, and WA voted in support of me being an equal citizen. And don't get me wrong, I am. I REALLY am. I'm just furious I have to be. So, in the spirit of not wanting to have this unhealthy bitterness inside me, I think we should vote on EVERY marriage. Perhaps when people get engaged, we can put it on the ballot in the next election (obviously they'd have to wait at least 6 months before tying the knot) and then thousands of people can go to the ballot and deem that marriage as acceptable or not. (As I think about it, this might make the divorce rate lower!). This proposition is as absurd as anyone voting to tell ME I can get married. And yet every year, there's more people doing it (or more accurately NOT doing it). People who know nothing about it. Who know nothing about me. Strangers. So, yeah, if you ask me whether or not I'm happy that these 3 states got it right; if you ask me whether I think this is the start of a new marriage equality era, I'll say yes, of course. And then I might say no, it's no one's f*cking RIGHT to decide MY rights. I never had any say so in theirs.

    Ahhhhh, I feel better now. THANK YOU MAINE, WASHINGTON, AND MARYLAND! The feeling of anger today was WAY better than the despondence and devastation I felt in 2000! This at least is empowering! Let's keep this trend going so maybe Ohio will jump on the bandwagon... a girl could dream can't she ;-)

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