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    Posted December 6, 2012 by
    St. Louis, Missouri
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    'The Hobbit' is here!

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    A Hobbit 10 years in the making

    About 11 years ago, I started on an unexpected journey.

    It was my junior year in high school, and, geek that I was, I was excited when they added an English class called "Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery". Everyone else in the class was a senior and using it as a 'blow-off class' (i.e. "easy" credits). Our teacher, Mr. Seibel, was a huge Lord of the Rings fan and assigned for our first book, The Hobbit. I had never heard of it, but instantly fell in love with it, and it was a struggle not to read the whole thing ahead of our assignment (I think I failed and read it all anyway). This was a time when rumors and leaked images were coming out on the internet for LOTR, so between classes I would ask Mr. Seibel about the pictures I had been finding, and he would be telling me all about the Lord of the Rings. Naturally, I went out and got those immediately. As much as I love LOTR, The Hobbit was what brought me into this realm.

    As soon as I found out The Hobbit had finally been green lit, I started planning my costume for the premiere. At 5 foot tall, the same height as the casting call for hobbit female extras, a Hobbit was a natural choice. After months of studying the background female hobbits from Fellowship as well as any that appeared in the first Production video from Peter Jackson, I finalized my design to fit perfectly into the world.

    I started off by ordering the Frodo ears from WETA, cast from the same mold Elijah Wood's ears came from. I made a smocked chemise from raw silk and dyed a moss green cotton fabric to make the skirt. The bodice I chose a rust orange/red matelasse fabric which was similar to the fabric in Merry's waistcoat. I was on the hunt for some lovely brass buttons in homage to Bilbo, and came across these wonderful buttons with dragons on them. I am altering an old gray cloak of mine for the premiere since I am going to FREEZE in this (but it will be worth it!)

    Over the next year or so, I am also going to attempt to learn how to make prosthetic appliances to further my costuming craft, and it is my goal to hopefully make realistic Hobbit feet in time for the final premiere. So other than that, my costume has been done since last winter, I have re-read The Hobbit, played all my soundtracks, and changed every computer graphic Hobbit themed. I've been ready for this for 11 years!
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