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    Posted December 7, 2012 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    'The Hobbit' is here!

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    Elf Dreams Do Come True


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     RoxannaMeta told me, 'Surprisingly, considering I've been an obsessed reader of fantasy worlds my whole life, I had never read Tolkien until the Lord of the Rings movies came out. I wanted to see how my favorite films compared to their source material. I don't remember whether I tackled the trilogy or The Hobbit first, but I definitely remember having a tough time getting through all three Lord of the Rings books. The Hobbit, by contrast, was an easy read - engaging, adventurous, fast-paced and quirky in all the right ways. Where the Lord of the Rings books lacked humor, The Hobbit made me smile. I'm looking forward to rereading it in honor of the movie release - but first I have to finish all these costumes!'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I'm a cosplayer, otherwise known as "one of those chicks who dresses in skimpy outfits at comic conventions." I've been making comic book suits for about six years now. But what originally got me into recreating fictional costumes was Ngila Dickson's incredible work on the Lord of the Rings movies, which I pored over for hours and hours back when the films first came out.


    I caught the costume bug from the hobbits' garb, from the filmy grey cloaks and Galadriel's jewelry and Legolas's leatherwork... but most of all, I was obsessed with Arwen's dresses. I had elf dreams when I went to bed at night and elf thoughts when I woke up in the morning. I made sketches of new costumes for her, examined the details of the gowns in the unreleased footage, bought myself the cheap version of the Evenstar necklace. I even went out and got a huge pile of stretch velvet on sale from Joann's, hoping maybe I could turn it into something beautiful...


    But I didn't know how to sew, nor did I own a sewing machine. My mother thought I was crazy. And I never did work up the nerve to tackle that dress, so I put the velvet away in my craft supply stash and tried to forget about it.


    Years later, when I started cosplaying, I thought of portraying Arwen. Now I finally had the skills! But I was afraid the moment had passed and that nobody would want to see an elf in a long velvet dress anymore, so I put the dream on hold again.


    Until...! When the Hobbit movie was announced, the elvish tickle in the back of my brain resurfaced. When I started seeing trailers and posters, I became even more excited. And when my local AMC theater, which hosted my costuming group United Underworld for the Avengers premiere and The Dark Knight Rises, asked if I might have some Middle-Earth costumes to appear as promotion at the midnight show... THEN I finally had a real reason to make that gown!


    My obsession is now back in full swing. I've immersed myself in sewing details, even planning my costume to use a little bit of that old velvet I bought so many years ago. I've brought a few new friends into my plans - an Aragorn, a hobbit and a dwarf - and we're all hustling to get ready as the midnight show approaches. Another friend of mine even recorded the beginnings of the Fellowship audiobook for me to listen to while I sew: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZdMzeJ8Gl4 And it's wonderful inspiration, indeed!


    I couldn't be more excited, and I plan to wear this dress every chance I get after this.


    No more denying my dreams! The time is now!




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