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    Posted December 7, 2012 by
    Saint Joseph, Michigan
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    The fiscal cliff: Messages to Washington

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    I have thought long and hard about this thing they are calling, “A Fiscal Cliff.”
    To me, it is just a term which is useful in bringing about, in most people, a mental image of America teetering on the edge of a huge gaping hole in the ground. In space these would be called “Black Holes.” We have reached this edge because of our economy coming to a grinding halt due to overspending and a government that has nearly destroyed business. Add to this the greed and fraud in both government and business and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what will happen at some point.
    Our problem is, how do we fix it? Well, other than bringing our spending under control and an aggressive prosecution of those who commit fraud on such a grand scale that it brings down banks and enormous financial institutions, there is another area we could work on. Jobs! Oh sure, we have heard the big brains talk about creating jobs but have you seen any lately? We need someone to think outside the box. That’s where I come in. First off, we could do like Franklin D. Roosevelt and do another WPA program. That’s a pretty socialistic way of going about it, and it does not create more business. All it does is put people to work on government programs.
    No, my thought is more like a civilian army. No guns or war training. First, we find people that need jobs. Not to hard there. Now we find how we can get those people to jobs that are open. Not easy since some people with training in a specific field live hundreds of miles from the places needing workers. We also figure what industry needs the most workers and what kind of training the worker needs to meet the needs within the company.
    We set up training areas all across the US. These ‘bases would fill all the needs of the person arriving there to be trained; food, shelter, medical care, etc. If the person already has training in a certain needed industry, such as CNC operation, then the person would be sent on to a ‘base’ near the place he or she would be working. These bases would be government operated and funded to help those who could not otherwise afford to move to the new work area. They would have their food, shelter, medical care and other needs provided as they worked at their individual jobs. Now, what does the government get out of this, more taxes and a populace that will eventually be trained and able to get a foothold on becoming self-sufficient.
    Business will benefit too. They will have qualified workers, and the business can be assessed a tax to help cover the expenditure by the government.

    There are bugs to the idea but the structure is sound.
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