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    Posted December 7, 2012 by
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    When Stress Starts Affecting Your Health


    The every day hustle of our lives can sometimes be overwhelming. Americans are considered to be workaholics - working long hours under loads of stress. Although stress may seem like just a state of mind that will eventually pass, stress actually has proven effects on your health and how your body functions. Stress can be both negative and positive, and can often keep us alert and prepared to yield danger. Negative stress can have huge impacts on your overall health. There are normal responses to stress and abnormal responses - it's really all how you deal with this upset in your life.


    Firstly, let's define "stress." Stress is a normal physical response to an event or occurrence that makes you feel upset or somehow offsets your balance in some way. When you sense danger - either real or imagined - your body goes into defense mode, known as the stress response.


    Abnormal responses to stress can result in physical issues, such as weight loss or weight gain and even hair loss. When you begin to lose your hair from stress, it can be very traumatic and even affect your self-esteem. It's important when you experience hair loss from stress to not stress more. This can cause the hair loss to happen more rapidly for some people.


    Hair loss is very common, and if you can catch it early enough, you can offset the process and avoid more invasive procedures later on such as visiting our Los Angeles hair restoration clinic for a hair transplant procedure or for medical therapy such as Propecia. So how much stress is too much? It's important to know your own limit. When it begins to affect your daily life and your health, it's time to evaluate how you handle stress and ways you can change it. Three hair loss conditions can be stress-related:  -Alopecia Areata: With Alopecia Areata, white blood cells actually attack the hair follicle, stopping growth and making the hair fall out.  -Telogen Effluvium: In this condition, emotional or physical stress pushes a large number of hair follicles into the resting phase - and then they simply fall out when brushed or washed.   -Trichotillomania: This is a condition where the sufferer has an urge to pull out their hair from the scalp, eyebrows or other areas of the body. This can be a way to deal with the negativity or stress.   With all types of stress, it's important to note that everyone handles it differently and the affects are different for everyone. What needs to be addressed is that stress can be a real condition that affects peoples lives and their overall physical and mental health. So making sure that it is under control is crucial.

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