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    Posted December 9, 2012 by
    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    Deadbeat Father

    Almost ten years ago, Kaden Revis, who will turn 11 in February, was diagnosed with Leigh’s Disease, a terminal non treatable illness. Upon learning of this, his father left the mother, Jolie, to fend for herself. Her mother and I have been helping her financially as best we can as we are both in our 60’s. I am a partially disabled Vietnam Veteran that is working as much as possible to help and Jolie’s mother is completely disabled and is unable to work at this time due to her car being totaled while stopped at a traffic light several years ago and has had major back surgery and is currently undergoing more treatments to relieve her back pain. Jolie’s birth father is not able to help as he was killed by a drunken truck driver driving on a suspended license when she was three. Jolie had a brother, Chris, who was helping, but died from injuries sustained several months after a motorcycle accident. After a number of years, Jolie took Dion to court and the state of Texas ordered the father to pay child support starting September, 1, 2012. While Dion makes good money, he has refused to pay this support. He has never paid a dime to help. Furthermore, Jolie’s home, which was built with her mother’s help years ago and is handicapped equipped, has been in and out of foreclosure. Currently, the bank has her on a trial basis to have the interest rate reduced and after that trail period along with the support the judge in Richmond, Texas has ordered, Jolie will be able to afford to keep her home and along with Medicaid and nursing care, she will be able to continue her college education where she maintains a 4.0 GPA. (Kaden requires 24/7 attention as he has to be suctioned every so often to keep from choking, and when there is not a nurse available Joile has to sleep on the floor next to Kaden’s bed which is set up like a hospital room) Joile is very independent young woman, who since the age of 23, and has just turned 34, has dedicated her life to her son. She, nor the man she is engaged to, who is a painter by trade and who has been helping Jolie, is aware I am sending this to you. I am just requesting your help in getting the father to pay the support to help his son, who could pass at any time. Kaden, has never, walked, talked or eaten solid food. He is on 24/7 life support with a trach and feeding tube…over ten years now. Not any kind of life for Kaden, but even though he is in a non-mobile state, he has had more love given to him than perhaps any child has ever received in such a short life. I am attaching a photo taken while Jolie was asleep, I have more if needed along with more documentation if needed. I am giving you my address, however, Jolie lives in Richmond, Texas, just outside of Houston.
    Dan Russell
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