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    Christmas 2012 - Fun At Jamaica Inn

    I couldn’t wait to get the snowy ground terrain texture on my virtual parcel of land in Second Life, we’d waited until November 15 to put the snow down, changing it from the summer grass. Being impatient to change the season, I’d already started putting stuff together for Christmas just after Halloween, building a massive snow dome, big enough so people could walk inside and see the two cottages and Christmas store in the middle of the sphere! I’d bought some lovely medieval cottages, designed by Johnnytreatlightly Nightfire, some time ago, so I had those to use this year. After putting two cottages inside the dome, I also put another one by the edge of the ocean, it’s a cosy nook where people can sit and chat. There are a few romantic places in the sim for couples to relax or single people who just want to chill. Neighbours Hibiscus Hastings, Cliff Chesnokov, Drax Ember and Whisper Fearne have helped to create our very own winter wonderland over the last few weeks. Hib’s land has many features, including a sleigh ride, a bobsleigh, skiing, ice skating and even a Greedy table, the ever popular SL dice game.

    Times are hard for a lot of people this year and that also includes how much they can spend in Second Life, so I decided on a ‘bargains for all’ Christmas shop with nothing over 20L$, plus a few free gifts scattered around the sim. I called my gift shop ’Not a Priority’ as Christmas decorations aren’t a priority in SL or real life if you haven’t got much money to spare, but at least people will be able to put up some decs in their virtual homes at a low cost. I looked around the other Christmas themed virtual places and there are some brilliant designers out there. I visited Christmas at the House of Avro, where I got a lovely Santa for my display. I built an ice mountain and Santa sits in the cave entrance waiting to give people gifts. Hib has a Santa too, so people can pick up double the amount of free gifts. Hib also has an advent calendar, which gives out some smashing presents!

    I enjoyed creating my little dance floor and we have music from the North Pole Radio station playing in the sim. It really adds to the atmosphere, so people can come and dance the night away. There’s also a classy virtual restaurant, a really pleasant place to catch a bite to eat, you can even treat yourself to a slice of cake (no calories involved!).

    We are having lots of fun with our own special ‘Christmas 2012 Fun in Jamaica Inn’ and everyone is welcome! If you see us playing Greedy come and join in! Forget about the horrible real life weather, the worry of shopping and the state of the economy, log into SL and enjoy!

    We are featured in the Destination Guide with all the other beautiful Christmas sims, so come along and explore!

    Christmas 2012 Fun At Jamaica Inn

    Christmas at the House of Avro

    Johnny’s store
    JTL Designs and the Dept of Gov Cheese
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