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    WHERE YOUR MINDS STAND? Over 20 Years Board-Certified Psychiatrist Wrote the Facts.

    Board-certified psychiatrist for over 20 years, Dr. Gerald E. Nelson wrote the facts of human standard realm, as co-author of the book, “My Patient – God’s”, and used them on an evaluation of his patient, conclusion of her state of mind and ongoing of her services benefit man kinds, published in 1996.
    Jung claims that human beings are innately religious. He found evidence that we possess an inner psychic structure or arche¬type called the Self, which contains the elements which all cul¬tures ascribe to their God. Skeptics may very well claim that the concept of an external God is merely a projection of that central organizing and powerful arche¬type. Others may respond by saying it makes no difference where God resides, inside or outside. He/She exists, and the individual is free to relate to this Deity by faith and religious practice.
    Jaynes claims that there is a special part of the brain which is active when individuals relate to their god. He claims that this structure was operative in most people prior to the advent of consciousness, but when the demands of society became too complex, we developed consciousness in order to cope. This breakdown of the bicameral mind resulted in the inability of the individual to hear that inner voice of God.
    As with all things, however, there are exceptions. History is filled with stories of individuals who have kept that ability to hear God’s voice and to report His words to others. It is very likely that Mariette is one of these special people. Whether the voices she hears and converses with are truly from God cannot be proven. Those who believe say, yes, God speaks to Mariette. Those who do not believe say, no, Mariette is not hearing God’s voice; she is delusional and hallucinating.
    Initially I firmly believed that Mariette believed she was conversing with God, but was suffering from a para¬noid delusional disorder. I am now convinced that she does hear the voice of God in her dreams and visions, and that these voices instruct and guide her in a loving and bene¬volent way. She lives a wholesome life dedicated to prayer and obedience to God. Her life has acquired a richness and direction that was lack¬ing before she began to hear God’s voice.
    Mariette has convinced me that I should write about her from the viewpoint of a psychiatrist who is open to the pos¬si¬bility that God does single out individuals for His work. I believe that God’s voice, spoken through Mariette, is little changed from His revelations to us throughout the centuries. He tells Mariette (and all of us) to live a good life, care about others, obey the rules and not listen to that destructive Enemy within.
    And finally, traditional psychiatry has little to offer Mariette. Medications and psychotherapy will likely cause her harm, leading to confusion and perhaps insurmountable despair. The Church can provide what medicine cannot; an understanding and compassionate context for Mariette’s calling, allowing her respect and the freedom to express and live out her dreams and visions in a way that will benefit mankind.

    FROM PATIENT: Before I saw Dr. Nelson, I dream almost every night, in my dreams I saw Jesus and a very beautiful woman. I decided share them with other by write a book. But I want a doctor give me a certification of I am not crazy. I called one doctor from the phone book. I believed he was Ph.D. , after I told him of what I need, he told me, “You need an M.D”, and he referred Dr. Gerald Nelson to me. After I saw Dr. Nelson weakly for about two years, and the My Petient – God’s Gift published.
    As co-author and patient in the “My Patient – God’s Gift”, the name gave to me by God in my dream, one thing I can said is, at that time Dr. Nelson’s evalution of my symptoms conclustion was exactely correct! He also correct about all people minds are reign in spiritual realm, the realm full with supernatural power. The realm where everything created before come down on earth.
    Spiritual realm share the exactely same space with each and all human bodies reign. In this realm have two sources of supernatural power, good and evil. Individual mind must reign with God for his words and actions result good, benefit himself and other. Vs. Individual mind reign with devil power, his words full with lie and his actions only focus on benefit himself, boost his power and his pocket with money and be famous.
    In order to repair the America countries serious problems, government leaders must understand of where their state of minds reign, with good or with destruction direction, or both! Human mind is central control of all he words and actions.
    The first step is government leaders, such and presidents, members of congress, and all high-ranking officials need exam state of their minds, each and everyday spend time with the Amighty privately, and read scriptures. You must be very honest to yourself before God, because He already knew everything about you! Seek Him for guidance on your private life and business capacity! Thes process take years for completion, and I absolutely sure of the Almghty Creator will guide you. Without God’s guidance, American and global governments presidents, congress members, journalists,, comentators, radio talk shows, and all people only enlarge current serious problems and add more serious problems on top of currently problems.
    For order “My Patient – God’s Gift” online and contact Mariette Do-Nguyen, please visit www.divinetrinitycic.org . You also can order the “My Patient – God’s Gift” on Amazon, Barn & Noble, or eBay, http://myworld.ebay.com/mdonguyen
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