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    Posted December 10, 2012 by

    Egypt's Rebirth is just a few hours away!

    Tuesday December 11th, 2012, the biggest protest is scheduled in every major city in Egypt. The demands? Nothing less than the complete dissolution of the legislative office and the apprehension of President Morsi and top Muslim Brotherhood leaders for treason and crimes against the people.
    President Morsi has been given many opportunities to do the right thing by his people, and not only his party of the Muslim Brotherhood. He failed miserably, not only with the lack of policies and actions to put Egypt's economy, healthcare and education moving forward to prosperity, but also with the one foundation that could have unified the entire population, the drafting of the New Constitution.
    By every standard, and by every measure the drafted constitution, which he has demanded and insisted to be rushed and presented to the people, is a mockery of human rights, civil liberties, legislative powers, and checks and balances. Not a single qualified Constitution expert, judge or consultant had a hand in drafting it. All the qualified individuals withdrew from the process when they realized that their names and credentials were the only input needed in the process to give it legitimacy.
    For almost two weeks now daily protests took place, initially only requesting the rescission of a Presidential decree that eliminate the judiciary branch’s powers, have fell on deaf ears from the President and his “ruling” party. Not only that, but supporters of Morsi, namely the Muslim Brotherhood and their brainwashed, well paid initiates, took to the streets as well. But unlike the peaceful protests the opposition have led for days, the supporters have opted for techniques such as murder, physical and verbal abuse, torture, threats, and fabrication of crimes claimed to have been committed by not only individuals in the streets, but by all other party leaders of the oppisition, the media, journalists and reporters.
    “They are robbing us and are trampling over our right to live a decent life. They have crossed the line. They have pushed us to the point of no return by ignoring our demands, not including us (the majority), in any process in our own country, and now terrorizing and murdering our sons and daughters...” is what everyone in the street is saying.
    Today the other 50% of the population that didn’t vote for Morsi are fighting back. But they are not alone. They are standing side by side with ex-supporters, the same ones that voted for him, the same ones that congratulated him on his move against the military council to take control of the country, the ones that once believed his false promises and chose to ignore what history taught us about the Muslim Brotherhood. In a twist of fate, the people are now calling for the military to stand with them once again as they did in January of 2011 to remove Morsi from power. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, one thing is for sure; the Egyptian people have broken their chains and refuse to ever again put them on.
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