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    NASA Responds About 2012 & The Mayan Calender




    Thanks for your email. The letter from NASA you refer to in the photos you attached does not mention climate change. From the look of the letter, it appears to be a response to a question you must have sent NASA.



    I think you can find answers to many of your factual questions on our website (www.nasa.gov) with just a little searching.


    In response to your question #3, NASA does not currently have any plans to return our astronauts to the Moon, but we are working toward manned flights to Mars in the 2030s.


    In response to question #9, there is nothing special about this year in terms of climate change. Many scientists have stated that the predictions of disasters on Earth based on the Mayan Calendar are completely false. They have no basis in fact.




    Steve Cole



    NASA Office of Communications


    Washington, DC 20546




    Director Stephen Cole,


    Attached to this E-mail is the letter NASA extended to me few months ago.I look forward to interiewing someone by phone this week.Also elow are the questions I am going to asky phone.


    1. Who founded NASA and how long have this organization been in existence?


    2.How many citizens are employed by NASA?


    3.Do you think NASA Astronauts would ever go back to the Moon?


    4.Could you explain why the 21st Century Space Program is in decline and how we can get the funding to start the program back again?


    5.How many spaceships are at NASA?



    6.Could you explain the letter I received about Climate Change in the 21st Century?



    7.How fast are the Polar Ice Caps are melting and how can we prevent a disaster in the 21st Century?



    8.How is Global Warming affecting our health in the 21st Century?



    9.Why is 2012 so important to humanity regarding Climate Change and why was the Mayan Calender so important to a segment of the population in the world regarding Global Warming?



    10.Could you please wish the children of Tennessee a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas 2012 from NASA?



    Thanks Again



    CNN iReporter Nicholas Pegues 2012

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