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    Kansas City, Kansas
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    2 Years of Life... Remembering "Baby J".


    Life is ever so short, on this day in the year of 1999 I lost my first born Son to a horrific high speed chase involving the Police that resulted in his death in Kansas City, Kansas, at the intersection of 7th & Parallel Parkway... Senseless violence resulting in the lose of life that could have been prevented... 2 years old is too young to suffer any fate resulting in violence or Death. Never in my worse Nightmares would I ever believe that I would loose a child in this horribly tragic manner... And 13 years later I am still dealing with the effects of his death and the Christmas he never had... Rest in Peace "Baby J", I wish you had a chance to showcase your love for the game of Basketball...
    I will forever feel responsible and carry the burden of this horrible experience which is engraved on my soul...Tragedy in now apart of me, and I may never escape its painful memory... Baby J is now buried in Atchison, Kansas in the very town of Benedictine College, my Alum. Remembering "Baby J", violence affects children in so many ways in this Country. How do we protect our children from everyday street violence when its at the carelessness of a parent?


    The Story of  Baby J's short lived life:


    Who killed my 2 yr. old son "Baby J”? How could this have happened? Where was his mother who was responsible for his safety and well being at the time? Why cant I find out the truth behind his mysterious Death and after 13 years I cant even get the police report on the incident anymore... How did he end up in a vehicle that was in a high speed chase that involved the Kansas City Police and resulted in 4 to 6 lives lost including my son? These are just a few of the torturous questions that have confined a father to a depression of torment and heartache. I let my son visit his mother to never return to me and I can't seem to get any answers alone... This is why I ask that you unitarily lend your support and resources so that many of questions can be answered along with the main question to of "Who killed Baby J?"  I believe in my heart that he was murdered and that

    , his mother had something to do with it, and I can not rest, now that I am mentally aware of what happened and how great of a lost loosing a child is to endure. The depression that I experienced from the death of my son Robert L. Johnson III aka, “Baby J” was like nothing I have ever endured in my life time. How dose a parent supersede their child? It’s just something so wrong and unnatural about dealing with mentally and emotionally trauma like that and is enough to make a parent feel as if their world is coming to an end and in all retrospect that is exactly what happened to “Baby J” and me, his father Robert L. Johnson II. All innocents were lost and all normality was destroyed. I was left to be condemned in the despair of my son’s violent and mysterious death.

    How did this tragedy come to pass?  After having “Baby J” and cutting his cord at Atchison Hospital in the fall of September, while in my junior year at Benedictine College and in the last 2 years of my Bachelors’ Program in the area of Political Science…  Needless to say, I was grateful for my son and excited for our future together, while I had planned to return to Akron with “Baby J” and create a special life for my son and myself. He was my only concern at this time in my life and raising him properly was at the top of my list. His mom on the other hand had another agenda and was careless and more concerned with partying rather than being a fulltime parent. No matter, my main concern was my son “Baby J” and how he would be raised from childhood to manhood. Unfortunately life does not always turnout as we plan it, but who could plan for what was to come? There is no guide or advice that will prepare a parent to experience the passing of a 2 year old child. The void is too great, having another child can not even replace that lose.

                After graduating from Benedictine College and returning to Akron with “Baby J”  I began to establish us a new life. While we were living in Akron and I began working, I received several phone calls from “Baby J’s” mother proclaiming that she would like to see him and would like a chance at being his mother again and become more involved in his life. At the time, I did not know how much I would regret the decision that I was about to make, and against my better judgment I agreed to letting her watch over him and attempt so that she could re-establish a bond with her son that she so easily lost by neglecting him and not being the caring, compassionate and nurturing mother that a 2 year old boy needs to grow up healthy.  Huge mistake, because that winter of 1999, broke me and left me feeling damned for life.  That winter of 1999 was a cold; bitter-sweet winter that left a foul taste in my mouth and was the most demoralizing moment of my life on an account of what took place and the lives that were lost. I graduated from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas that year in 1999, which was one of our most proud moments of our lives together, “Baby J” and I. Other then the time (he) “Baby J” was born in September of 1997 while I was attending Benedictine College. I walked the graduation stage withhim in my arms that year in 1999 at Benedictine  College in the spring of May. This picture never leaves my mind, because soon after this perfect life moment I experienced life’s worst tragedy to a parent that will ever be endured a lifetime. I vividly remember buying the airline tickets for “Baby J” as if it was yesterday and we flying out to Kansas   City International Airport. The plain ride for him was his first and he was amazed. Flying on a plain was one of his life’s greatest moments like a dream come true to a 2 year old boy.  I can remember asking myself, “why are you doing this again?”, and the answer was always the same, “that is his mother I’d tell myself and I can’t keep him from her it’s not right?”  The plan was to drop “Baby J” off to his mother at the airport and in a few weeks of worrying and missing him dearly I would drive back up to Kansas to pick him up from his mother and bring him back home. Little did I know that at that very moment I let him go with her at that airport it would be the last time that I would ever see “Baby J” dead or alive, he was just gone… Fourteen days or so later from the time I let him go to her he was dead. I had received an out the blue phone call from “Baby J’s” mother stating that he was in a car accident, but she was not emotional or distort and she failed to mention how he got into a vehicle that she was not riding in, nor operating. She also failed to mention any facts of what happened.  I found out some facts from a woman who witnessed the accident and when I went to Kansas City to bury my son and investigate his death. She was noticed me at his vigil site at the intersection of Kansas, 7th Ave., and Perallel Parkway. I still to this day don’t know who was operating the vehicle and what “Baby J” was even doing in a vehicle that was involved in a high speed chase with the police? The newspapers and the police had conflicting facts and the police are reluctant to cooperate.  When I received that disturbing phone call I dropped everything and franticly attempted to drive to Kansas the day of this horrifying news, and everything that could go wrong did go wrong on that perilous drive… On the way driving to Kansas City alone, with no sleep and eyes filled with tears the entire drive with hopes in my heart that he would be ok and that I could find out what happened?  Then all of a sudden right out of nowhere and without warranting, my 3 month old car brake down and quits on me while I was 100 miles outside of Kansas City. It felt as if something was keeping me from reaching “Baby J” in time to prevent me to seeing his mother or end of this tragic situation.  I was miles from a Truck Stop so I started walking, eyes full of tear and soul full of pain I was picked up by a kind truck driver. He took me to the Truck Stop 5 miles up the highway and, after hearing what happened on the way to the Truck Stop the truck driver’s face was full of tears and he left me with his prays. While my vehicle was being repaired, I nervously attempted to call Children Mercy Hospital and make an effort to get in touch with Baby J’s mother while I tortuously waited 16 hours for my vehicle so that I could hurry to my son, but I knew that by the time I got there it would be too the late and he was victims claimed in that catastrophic accident a day after the accident.  I was a day late… Once I arrived at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City I had already feared the worst and when I was greeted by an on staff Social Service worker, I knew then and there my worst fears have become reality “Baby J” was dead and gone. I let dropped him off to his mother at Kansas City International Airport in late September and she managed to some how let him get killed in early December. “Baby J” in a car not in a children’s car seat, the car had illegal license plates, the five individuals in the car had guns & drugs in the vehicle and to top it all off they get into a high-speed chase with the Kansas City Police and they all speed through an intersection in Kansas City and the car holding “Baby J” strikes another vehicle that was carrying and elderly couple and everyone is killed except my son, “Baby J”. He died a day later in Children’s Mercy  Hospital, while I was franticly rushing to get by his side.  He had just turned 2 in September, and we had just had a birthday party… and now he is gone forever. It seems like yesterday everyday for 13 years when I think about this, while passing thoughts through my mind in a day.  He was taken off life support without my consent and buried without my say so, and this is all of what I know to me as fact. I have been relentlessly in searching for his grave and records of death in and out of deep and dark depression every since. The Kansas City Police have been denying me information for several years up to today. No one can find his burial plot with no headstone or markings? The year of 2007 I had returned to Kansas to search for his grave once more and inquire information pertaining to his violent and mysterious passing?  As far as I know the mother of “Baby J” has never been questioned or found since his death and I have been condemned to a pit of despair over this tragedy of “Baby J”. I am searching for closure and a way to put this to rest. Although the memory will last for a lifetime and the lost is greater than no other ever experienced, time will continue to come to pass but we need closure to move forward… Please find it in your hearts to give forward for “Baby J’s” burial plot to be found and for a headstone so that his grave may be marked and visible to be viewed where he is laid to rest somewhere in Atchison  Kansas Memorial  Cemetery. Please lend your resources and help me find out the truth of his death and who and how he was killed and together we will have some closure and peace in knowing the truth of “Who Killed Baby J”?



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