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    Posted December 14, 2012 by
    Greensboro, North Carolina
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    The fiscal cliff: Messages to Washington

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    How much more could it hurt?


    I'm living on unemployment, AGAIN(!), only this time because I took a lower paying job for a few quarters I am getting even less plus my child support and all of it is considered "income" so it eliminates or lowers eligibility for assistance for food stamps, medical or medication and help with any bills in NC is on an emergency basis only. With funding being so low maybe, maybe 20-30 families get partial assistance if they can show they can maintain on their own after this assistance per month. Prior to this I went from making $34,750/yr to less than $18,600/yr before getting laid off the second time in 2 years. So we have already lost our house-up for short sale since July 2012, car repossessed because they wouldn't come and get it when I called for 2.5 months telling them I couldn't afford to have it anymore. I have cut out all the extras: home phone, cable television, eating out, school trips (yeah, it's now an extra), monthly pedicures, movies, hair braided, hair products ... It's all gone, cannot afford any of it and I'm cooking or we're not eating. My daughter is being a real sweetheart about it, at 14 in her first year of high school that's saying a lot.


    So in answer to the question - IT CAN HURT A LOT MORE!!! Right now I have to thank my bank every month for letting me overdraw to pay my rent and then again for my phone bill, I'm running one month behind on my power bill and still have bills coming from the home that is in foreclosure and lets not talk about the education loans for the degree I never got to finish, lol, because I ran out of loans and grants three semesters shy. This is not a b---h fest, hang on, just giving you the details. I did a very thorough balance sheet when I moved into this apartment to make sure we'd be able to get buy and I could keep my daughter in the same school district which is now working against me. I cannot cut out enough to make this work on less than $1000/mth. BUT, I still have to pay taxes on it even though I earned the right to receive it.


    AND NOW I have to listen to these politicians with healthcare, plenty of $$$, several homes, an incredible retirement package no matter how long they work, no worries about their future or their children or their children's children. These people "we" elected that have warped and twisted the constitution into a program of affluence and contract for their own personal program or union of right to do as they please and call it WORK. When are "we the people" going to stand up to the people we are supposed to hold accountable to do our will and represent us, what is best for us and we don't even know half of what they are doing. I don't belong to any "party" I am a citizen of the United States of America and NONE of those people are speaking for me by fighting over this "fiscal cliff" and once again making short-term solutions for a long-term problem. So they want to cut spending, right? Let's start with their salaries, how about the generous retirements for all those being paid that are now working as lobbyists or for companies that hired them when they gave up their seats that they towed the line for? Cutting their benefits to what they give soldiers returning home and making them buy into Medicare like everyone else at retirement. Salary cuts instead of regular increases they voted in for themselves and changed the law so they could have. No more weeks off at a time, let's see them work a 40 hour work week like the rest of us and earn what they do get paid and cut the amount of time they can serve as well as the amount of money & donations they can take from companies that are trying to get their bills passed. And how about you go home with what you came with?! No more lifetime careers, being groomed just to serve, (ahem, Mr. Ryan)?

    How much money do you think that would generate if you got all that money back and stopped paying it out Mr. Boehner?

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