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    Posted December 14, 2012 by
    San Francisco, California
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    Newtown school shooting: Thoughts and tributes

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    What’s happened to our society you ask....


    How about what hasn’t happened to our society?


    We live in a very disturbing world and it will SADLY only get worse.

    I’ve been listening to the radio and watching TV about this HORRIFIC tragedy and what I find absolutely mesmerizing is how many people get on TV and Radio and say "What’s going on?", "How can we fix this?", "Why is this happening?".


    Here’s what’s happening, our society is based on a no-rules world with an end game of death and destruction for those who can’t cope.

    As I hear people talk about the good' ol' days I can’t help wonder what their talking about. Perhaps their talking about when television and radio were a comedic escape from the burden of life. Perhaps they were talking about when prayer in school wasnt the root of all evil. Perhaps its when we read the bible and respected the fact that marriage was between a man and woman. Perhaps when dont ask dont tell was the norm. Perhaps they mean when all those guns crimes were isolated to those in the ghetto. Maybe they mean when a little racism by some moron wasnt a national crime or when someone had ANY conservative opinion he/ she wasnt looked as the root of all evil. I can only imagine they are refering to those types of things.


    It used to be that praying in school wasn’t an issue. If you didn’t believe in god you simple don’t say the prayer or say it without meaning it. Perhaps many didn’t believe but fear of the unknown had some level of fear from doing horrific things. But nowadays it’s frowned upon to do that so prayer and fear of the unknown is virtually non-existent.


    How about having a conservative opinion on gay marriage. It used to be ok to have a conservative view, now if you have a conservation view you’re the DEVIL. It doesn’t matter how you say it. Look at what happened to 2009 Pagent Contestant from California when asked about gay marriage by Perez Hilton. She was crucified for saying she believed marriage was between a man and women. If people cannot ACCEPT a conservative ANSWER then you shouldn’t be ALLOWED to ask the question.


    We live in world where if you play jump rope at recess and someone can’t do it that parent will complain to stop playing jump rope with a real rope and instead request to play imaginary jump rope so no ones feelings are hurt. If you sign little Johnny up to play baseball but you’ve never played catch or taken him to a field to hit a baseball its expected that he not only get to play because you paid $200 but that he or she gets to play shortstop or first base. What happens to little Johnny when he’s all grown up and mommy and daddy aren’t there to tell the other adults to not use a real jump rope or to tell him that hes not going to play that position anymore but its no longer little league or jump rope but real life (job, credit, college, etc)?

    What about all you bleeding heart liberals talking about gun control while your definition of gun control is to abolish guns all together? The truth is look at where most of these crimes happen, it’s ironic that almost every mass attack has happened in heavily populated liberal states. You don’t hear of these mass murders as regularly in conservative states. I dont remember hearing the chant for gun control when those gun crimes were being commited in the ghettos of america. Now all responsible gun owners should have to give up their second ammendent right because you suddenly care. Do you really care, or do you NOW care because this event can happen at your doorstep?


    People talk about video games, music, television, movies, etc. All this stuff, albeit it in different styles has been around for years but nowadays instead of telling a kid that the roadrunner pushing a coyote off a cliff is just a cartoon we have to explain why these REAL LIFE PEOPLE ON TV are doing idiotic things. It’s a little harder to explain that television ratings and the all mighty dollar is why grown up act like idiots on TV.


    And let’s not forget sports. Sports which used to be a way for us to get togethor and cheer for a local team and razz our opponents fans. We have so many LOST people, with so many concerns about belonging or not belonging to something that we now have to lean on sports for our identity. We literally have people killing EACH OTHER at venues, these are the same people where the players would roll up their windows and run a red light if any of you approached them.

    That’s how sad we are, that’s how lost we are as a society. Because in todays day and age you cant be a conservative with SOME liberal feelings and you cant be liberal with SOME conservative feelings. Your either one extreme or the other.


    We are a society of weak moral judgment, no filters and ultimately NO RULES. We are made to believe that a conservative approach is evil. That if you stand for the bible and fear the unknown that you are an idiotic Neanderthal. We live in a world where a conservative voice is not only frowned upon but it is damn near met with rage.


    You wonder why this is happening. It’s happening because of extremist. Because of a liberal media and liberal agenda based on having a belief that if you have a conservative point of view your the root of all evil.

    Its funny how everyone is a walking statement of  "you dont know what you have till its gone". Yeah, next time you want to push the liberal agenda some more remember that its not going to get better, its likely to get worse.

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