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    Newtown school shooting: Thoughts and tributes

    Making schools more secure

    Heartbreaking loss for so many. And my heart breaks not just for the 26 who lost their lives. The school had about 700 children, that's 700 children who have to go on with their lives forever scarred by the memory of that day, 700 children who have parents, relatives, friends who will also experience the ripple effect of the horror these childen have witnessed. If we can affford to put security guards in prisons to keep bad people in I think we are going to have to afford to put security guards at the doors of our schools to keep the bad people out. Just think of all the places, shopping malls, businesses who have security guards, yet 700 of our children are left unsecured in one place. If any supposedly 'normal' young man can do this, we need to do better! The only course of action should be the best protection for our kids that money can buy no matter where we live. The front door is always open to our particular school... a very welcoming place. Let's talk about how we keep it secure. A security guard or two, even unarmed security outside each school could sound an alarm and save an entire nation from the trauma of what happened in CT. Our children are... our future is worth it!
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