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    Posted December 15, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Newtown school shooting: Thoughts and tributes

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    Peace and Safety, Then Sudden Destruction


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad says when he first heard of the Newtown school shooting, he felt shock and disbelief. 'Our nation seems to becoming more desensitized to violence with each passing day,' he said. 'We need to once more find a moral compass and belief that violence, murder, mayhem is not the solution to our problems, but a symptom of our lack of compassion and respect for fellow citizens.' He says people need to be proactive in instilling these values into their children, and he says parents need to pay more attention to their children as well. 'We must once more teach our children how to solve problems by sitting down and talking, rather than turning to guns or knives or fists,' he said.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    'Tis  the season of peace and goodwill. Yet, 11 days before Christmas, a  madman shattered that tranquilty as he rampaged through Sandy Hook  Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut killing 20 children and 6  adults. The horror of this tragedy made even greater in that the  majority of the victims were students in grades kindergarten through  4th.

    For  one too many times this year, our nation has been shaken to its core by  a senseless act of murder and mayhem. We have endured too many mass  killings in just one year. From Colorado to Wisconsin to Oregon to  Connecticut. There is no rhyme or reason, there is only death and  destruction.

    Our  hearts are heavy. Our thoughts, our prayers once more go out to the  families and the victims who have been touched by this deranged action.

    At  the same time we honor and praise the teachers who went above and  beyond in keeping safe the children, though traumatized, who have  survived. These teachers, from all reports, in the face of danger  managed to keep those in their charge calm and away from harm. These  teachers truly meet the definition of heroes.

    The  loss of life is always tragic and more so when at the hands of  violence. We have seen it played out way too often over this last year.  But, it isn't just the mass killings that are a tragedy, which capture  the heart of the nation and the attention of the media. It is also the  often daily killings taking place in cities across the country such as  in Philadelphia, Chicago, Birmingham, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Los  Angeles, Washington DC, or any of our major cities.

    While  some are calling for stricter gun control and the President has called  for "meaningful action", it goes much farther and deeper than simply  passing laws to limit gun ownership. It is a societal problem. It is a  cultural problem.

    As one CNN iReporter noted, "It's bigger than gun control." That contributor, Omekongo, went on to say, "While  there is a place for a gun control debate in the wake of the shootings  in Connecticut, the bigger issue that must be discussed is our addiction  to violent means of expression. We are a sick nation. We need to heal  for the sake of our children."

    He is right.

    Rather  than addressing the root of what is happening on a much more frequent  basis, we are looking at the most visible. We need to look inside. We  need to reevaluate our dealing with issues and concerns. We need to go  back to instilling the idea of problem solving by sitting down at the  table together and working things out rather than resorting to violence  to resolve any perceived grievance or slight.

    Look  at the most popular video games, the most popular movies and television  shows that get the ratings. Violence and glorification of violence seem  to be those which consumers (that's me and you) are so quick to tune in  and enjoy. We must find a way to change this cultural shift back to one  of compromise, logical resolution, devoid of a tendency to give in to  our baser animal instinct.

    We  are now 10 days from the holiday which celebrates love, peace, joy and  family. Yet, this day we are reeling from the utter devastation of yet  another gunman.

    It is time for more than just a conversation. It is time for action to rethink and change our moral compass.

    From  the Cornfield, with heavy heart, I sit in Mark's Den in disbelief that  yet again murder and mayhem has pushed aside reason and shattered our  hope and peace.

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