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    Posted December 16, 2012 by
    Chicago, Illinois
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    Newtown school shooting: Thoughts and tributes

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    Gun Control or Human Control

    Year after year gun control advocates spend time and money in order to abolish a tool of destruction. Gun control can only go so far since EVIL has
    as much patience as a snail. Take away guns they'll use knives, take away knives and the next inanimate object is next to be used for havoc. Last time I checked you don’t need to pass a background check in order to purchase gasoline and matches. By simply taking away a tool that can cause chaos it doesn’t mean that the killings will stop, just as taking away a crack pipe doesn’t cure the addiction. Gun laws are just invisible lines that offer an illusion of safety as we deter away from the real problems, which are gun free zones, mental health issues, and accessibility of firearms.

    Gun free zones such as schools, shopping malls, and theaters are nothing more than kill free zones. It’s asinine to disarm the general public and not provide a decent level of protection besides a bunch of rent-a-cops. You want to take away my gun simply because 1% of the population is incompetent with theirs? That makes as much sense as taking away my car since there are too many drunk drivers on the road. I think schools should have armed guards or at least allow teachers and staff to carry or have access to weapons.

    Throughout the nation law enforcement is understaffed and mental health facilities are shutting down. Great so that means less police and more crazies are running around. Mental illness patients need help on a routine basis, and there needs to be more focus and them. I think there needs to be more laws not just on keeping them away from firearms but vehicles as well. If someone has enough ill intention to pull a trigger, then what is stopping him or her from renting a cargo van and filling it with homemade explosives? Mental health should be the number one priority in this nation.

    With nearly 300 million firearms owned by citizens in the United States I’m not quite sure how many are secured and how. States with high crime rates tend to lead in stolen guns. I believe we need less gun control and more gun education. In my hometown Chicago there is too much red tape for someone who seeks legal gun ownership to go through. As a gun owner I think there should be new legislation that is geared towards homes with mentally unstable family members with regards to storage and accessibility of firearms. An assault weapon ban will not solve this problem. Let us continue to focus on those who cause havoc and mayhem and not on the tools they generally use.

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