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    Posted December 17, 2012 by
    Indianapolis, Indiana
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    Newtown school shooting: Thoughts and tributes

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    I think the President should set up a panel to discuss possible social reorganization in this country. This panel would consist of people from all walks of life, professionals, clergy, scientist, teachers, and yes politicians keep it lets say to a 100 person panel of men and women. And, they would be given the task of creating a new America. The parameters would be that all people must benefit from this change, and the evironment must not suffer from any change, but find a way to live in harmony with it that is nature. I have a model that could help in this large project an intelligent design called the Venus Project, a creation of Jacque Fresco. This could be used as a starting place. Change is one constant we all must live with, we can direct it, or let it direct us. For the 1st time in human history we have the science and technology to make life much better for all of us. We have to stop living in the past like our ancestors, there thinking and values or not ours anymore we should abandon them for new ones. a qoute from the Venus Project, " Human behavior is subject to the same laws as any other natural phenomenon. Our customs, behaviors, and values are byproducts of our culture. No one is born with greed, prejudice, bigotry, patriotism and hatred; these are all learned behavior patterns. If the environment is unaltered, similar behavior will reoccur. Today, much of the technology needed to bring about a global Resource Based Economy exists. If we choose to conform to the limitations of our present monetary-based economy, then it is likely that we will continue to live with its inevitable results: war, poverty, hunger, deprivation, crime, ignorance, stress, fear, and inequity. On the other hand, if we embrace the concept of a global resource-based economy , learn more about it, and share our understanding with our friends, this will help humanity evolve out of its present state".
    "Earth is abundant with plentiful resources; today our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival. Modern society has access to highly advanced technologies and can make available food, clothing, housing, medical care, a relevant educational system, and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy such as geothermal, solar, wind, tidal, etc. It is now possible to have everyone enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities that a prosperous civilization can provide. This can be accomplished through the intelligent and humane application of science and technology".
    "Throughout history, change has been slow. Successive groups of incompetent leaders have replaced those that preceded them, but the underlying social and economic problems remain because the basic value systems have gone unaltered. The problems we are faced with today cannot be solved politically or financially because they are highly technical in nature. There may not even be enough money available to pay for the required changes, but there are more than enough resources. This is why The Venus Project advocates the transition from a monetary-based society to the eventual realization of a resource-based global economy. I think this would be a start in the right direction to a more peaceful and prosper society.


    The Choice Is Ours To Make.


    We can do it together, so lets do it!



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