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    Posted December 19, 2012 by
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    Was/Were your gun(s) banned? YES

    I own multiple firearms that were considered "banned" during the 1994-2004 "assault weapons" ban. I am a responsible, law abiding firearm owner, my wife and I both shoot match/competitio monthly with AR-15 style rifles. My wife is full time military of 12 years and I am a well trained civilian that has alot of training and experience handling firearms. We belong to a gun club where I am part of the Action shooting sports team. As a responsible gun owner I have to ask why my right to own such firearms should be stripped from me and the other law abiding responsible owners. I am well equipped with both the knowledge and firearms to protect myfelf and my family should the need ever arise (I hope it never does).The "assault weapons" ban that was in place from 1994-2004 did little to nothing in the way of detering/preventing additional crime/deaths (feel free to check the reports from the department of justice). Schools have been considered gun free zones since 1994, since that time the number of shootings has increased exponentially (many if not most while the assault weapon ban was in place). Gun free zones I feel invite violent criminals to carry out these tasks, when you know you will be met with minimal oppositions its usually the path of least resistance that gets traveled. The Aurora CO shooter skipped over multiple theaters that were in closer proximity to him in order to find a "gun fee" location. Im not some cold hearted wild west gun owner, Im deeply troubled by this violence that plagues this country. Before we even look at guns we need to start looking at people, parenting has taken a back seat, the current "time out" generation of kids being raised by MTV and violent video games knows no consequence to their actions. The media also glorifies (not intentionally) these murderers/lunatics by plastering the violence all over the news... instead of someone killing themselves at home by themselves they feel the need to make headlines and go on a mass shooting spree. Not that someone taking their own life is not tragic but involving innocent people is just insane and uncalled for. I am all for tougher background checks, keeping tighter tabs on mental illness etc... I think its the root of the issue here. Lets also not forget that most of these lunatics have obtained these firearms illegally.... instead of stripping firearms from law abiding citizens lets address the issue of getting "illegal" guns off the streets and out of criminal hands.... tougher punishment for those who do break the law etc.... Another thing to keep in mind is that most shooting have occured with handguns, anyone who is mildly proficient can execute a quick magazine change (inside of 2-3 seconds) so I dont think a person intending to do mass harm is going to be deterred much by having a limit on round count in a magazine.... An evil person will carry out their task regardless of restrictions put forth. Lets start addressing the people problem along with being proactive about security (especially that of children).
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