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    Posted December 19, 2012 by
    austin, Texas
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    Gun License Anyone?


    My guns are mostly my Dad's guns and having them around was simply a part of growing up and they only ever had a hobby purpose. I feel like being exposed to them at an early age removed any mystique that a lot of my non gun using friends had about guns because their only gun education came from movies and games.


    I started a petition related to this that I hope you will take a look at. I know it's not a fully baked plan but they didn't give me a lot of room to write the description. Basically, I feel like we need something like a gun license to pre-qualify people as responsible gun owners and if that's been proven then they should be allowed to have whatever guns they want. On the flip side they should be held extra accountable if there's a gun accident on their watch. I don't like the idea of having a sort of national ID for this but it would close the gun show loophole by doing the background check ahead of time and only allowing transfer of gun ownership between two licensed individuals.




    I think gun bans don't really address anything and what is needed is a higher responsibility on the part of gun owners. We may have the right to bear arms but it's clear that incidents involving these things are killing people and perhaps people need to be qualified to own them much as we have to qualify with the cars we drive.


    Edit: And yes I guess stuff I own would have fallen under the ban.


    Also, in retrospect, trying to prove mental illness and extending the rule to household members is probably an impossible thing to tackle. Instead perhaps the gun owner should have to provide evidence that they took reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized usage. I take that to mean that they have a gun safe that all guns are kept in that only licensees can open. If you're the type that likes to have a gun under your pillow for defense, I can kinda understand how you feel but there's no way you can say that it won't get into the wrong hands. Hopefully you can still get to your safe before your intruder does.


    I am concerned that an outright ban is coming if we can't find a more rational way to handle this stuff so would you rather run to your safe or simply just run...

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