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    Posted December 19, 2012 by
    columbia, South Carolina
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    Yes, I have an AR15

    In 2008, my brother in law in from Delaware and I visited a local gun range to target practice with our handguns. After shooting, we visited the showroom of the gun shop and he showed me the exact rifle he had: A Smith and Wesson AR 15. I admit, I was shocked that civilians were allowed to even own these. He gave me the 10 cent tour of the gun as I gawked at the weapon.

    Soon after, I found myself researching the gun, finding it has a long history and lineage to a historical military weapon, the M16. I think every kid that ever played cops and robbers, GI Joe or knew a thing about the Vietnam War would love to hold one of these iconic guns one day.

    Within a month, I bought mine. Although not an avid shooter at the time, I was just getting into gun history through researching my dad's WW2 small collection: A Japanese Sniper rifle he obtained on Iwo JIma, and a Lee Enfield 303 he bought from a British soldier.

    The available products to modify this gun is astounding. There are hundreds of manufacturers of accessories online, and gun shows and in local gun stores. I've even modified mine to shoot the significantly less expensive .22LR (about $.04cents a round as opposed to $.40)

    My son and I shoot this and other rifles less than we would like to, but we are always anxious to visit the outdoor range 30 minutes from our house.

    Now that I can honestly say I'm "hooked" on guns, gun history, gun rights and the real meaning of the 2nd Amendment, I now frequent the range and shoot my various rifles pistols

    The media sensationalizing this military looking "Assault Rifle" is discouraging. The caliber round it takes is tiny compared to hunting rifles. Most handguns are larger caliber than this. Should I blame Hollywood or ignorance?
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