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    Posted December 20, 2012 by
    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    My firearms.

    This is my firearm. It has never been used in a crime, and as long as I keep it, it never will be. I am a law abiding citizen and worry about a gun ban. I feel there is a very ignorant attitude in America towards guns, gun safety, and especially gun laws. The hardest part I feel about being a gun owner is dealing with the myriad amount of gun laws in this country. A gun ban is not going to make 270 million+ guns disappear. People need to step back and try to solve a problem rationally and not attack it emotionally. Was this massacre disgusting and horrible? Yes, you cannot be a human being to think otherwise. Was it the fault of our current gun laws? No, that man walked through every law in the book from stealing a firearm to taking it to a "gun free zone" and committing murder with it.
    One argument I get a lot is "high capacity magazines". This shooter could have had 10 round magazines and the result would not have been different, because no one was there to stop him. Reloading is not difficult, and thinking that something arbitrary like limiting magazine capacity will keep us safe is beyond delusional. Anybody who owns a rifle that was "banned" during the AWB in 1994 knows it is a joke.

    As for the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994: I bought a Romanian AK that had a pistol grip and high capacity magazine during the ban because it was still legal. The ban never banned the gun in banned FEATURES. And how well did it work? Well the North Hollywood shootout happened after that as well as the Columbine massacre.

    Before you go and make irrational and emotional decisions, seriously step back and take a look at the problem. Those guns did not pick themselves up and kill people, there were demented people behind them, the source of the killing. Even if you remove weapons, you still haven't cured the mindset of a person who wants to commit a crime.
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