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    Posted December 20, 2012 by
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

    This Model Would Have Been Banned In It's Current Configuration

    I use this as a sporting carbine to do target shooting with friends. Under the AWB you could own a firearm like this but the accessories would have to be modified or replaced. The AR-15 is flexible and customizable making it fun for hobbyists.

    If there were some large natural disaster it would be a great small game rifle and it has enough presence to deter modest threats and protect my family and our possessions.

    It's important to note that their are a lot of gun laws and law-abiding gun owners must constantly stay on top of what is permissible. The AWB did not ban the AR-15 it changed the way it looked by only allowing a fixed number of listed features.

    These cosmetic restrictions did not lower crime, but there is statistical evidence that crime decreased upon it's expiration. I recommend a statistical analysis by Dr. John Lott entitled "More Guns Less Crime" for those interested in the impact of firearm laws on crime. It's a bit dry but very interesting.

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