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    Posted December 21, 2012 by
    Rufford Lancashire England, United Kingdom
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    Newtown school shooting: Thoughts and tributes

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    Safer alternatives to Guns and Measures to make Schools and hospitals safer from criminal intruders


    In the UK police officers are now armed with taser guns, they are very effective in halting crime sprees by criminals and violent protestors. I am sure that taser guns or stun guns could be made to be less fierce, whereby they were not fierce enough to do lasting damage or had a limited firing ability, like some sort of auto cut out, to prevent over use, or lengthy firing ability, and yet had sufficient power to stun someone for long enough to perhaps disarm them or facilitate arrest.
    So if the US thinks that teachers and nurses and other such professions should be armed in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre and the others like it of late, then how about arming these people with small hand held limited firing time stun guns, which would be sufficient to gain a temporary hold on a crazed killer?


    For school children in schools or sick people lying in hospital beds, to witness a teacher or a nurse killing an intruder, would damage and warp them for life. It would be teaching children that shooting people dead is acceptable, it shouldn't be.


    But tasering or stunning an intruder for long enough to facilitate them being handcuffed and to confiscate their weapon/firearm, would be a far better alternative surely?


    I wouldn't want my daughter to see someone shot in front of her if she was at school or lying sick in hospital. The shock of that could kill a person of a nervous disposition or someone with a heart condition.


    I have had a gun pulled on me in the USA and I wasn't armed and it was terrifying, but I could no more have pulled the trigger on that person and killed them, fortunately I used reverse psychology to get them to retreat, it was all I could do as a visitor to the US who wasn't armed. I was lucky, and I know I might not be so lucky next time, should I visit the USA as an un-armed person from the UK. I would feel a lot safer re-visiting the USA if there was a ban on all guns as in the UK, but sadly I can't see that happening because of the 2nd amendment. But as long as the 2nd amendment remains there will always be a risk of more such massacres and daily deaths from gun shootings.


    Perhaps taser guns would be a better and safer alternative? At least the mortality rate would fall and that has to be a good thing.


    If you live by the gun you have to be prepared for the possibility of dying by the gun, such is the sad reality of widespread gun ownership without tighter and more stringent gun control, both for future purchases and for those who have already purchased guns who should also be made to go through background checks and a more stringent application to own a gun and if they are found unsuitable they should have their guns confiscated. Personal welfare and safety is important, and should be paramount. We manage without guns in the UK so why can't the US manage without them?


    I wouldn't like to suffer losing someone I loved in a horrific massacre like Sandy Hook, would you? Those who oppose disarmament, tighter gun controls and a ban on semi-automatic rifles and other military style weapons should stop in their tracks for a few minutes and ponder on how they would feel if it was someone they loved who was killed in the Sandy Hook incident, and then see if they still want to retain a gun culture.


    Sadly, it might take people to experience losing someone close for them to want a ban on guns etc. In the meantime it is tempting providence and karma to want to remain a gun armed country.
    It might be a good idea for all schools and hospitals to have tighter security measures implemented, CCTV (with night vision capabilities) covering ALL entrances and any sign of an armed intruder approaching the entrance and at the flick of a button all entrances and windows are sealed by automatic bullet proof shutters which come down quickly and remain in place until law enforcement arrives.
    Ceiling mounted tasers which can be operated by security staff which could be operated at the pressing of a button, whereby the intruder is zapped before they get a chance to harm anyone, should they have succeeded in getting into a school or hospital.
    Tasers mounted on the outside of schools, hospitals or public buildings like shopping malls, cinemas, government buildings, libraries, etc, which could be operated by the pressing of a button and stun any approaching intruders or armed criminals, for just long enough to disarm them until law enforcement arrives.
    Tasers if they are modified so that they cannot be used continuously so as to kill or maim, but which can stop a criminal in their tracks for just long enough to confiscate their weapons and have them arrested by law enforcement officers, is surely more preferable than people being shot dead?
    For those who oppose tasers, perhaps another type of weapon could be invented that will do a similar job without harming or killing anyone, and if all guns were surrendered and replaced by these perhaps everyone would be safer?
    Adam Lanza who shot those poor children and their teachers in Sandy Hook took his own life once he saw he was cornered by the law enforcement officers, he was mentally ill. He should NOT have been given access to any guns, and his mother should have been denied ownership of guns given that she had a mentally ill son in her home, or at very least she should have been made to lock her guns away in a secure police approved cabinet, as with the UK rules. All of the Sandy Hook killings could have been avoided if Lanza had never had access to his mother's guns, or if there were no guns allowed in the USA. Isn't prevention better than cure? If only taser guns were available in the US A or indeed any country, then at least those using them for criminal use could be brought to justice, it is too late once they are dead for both victims and criminals alike!
    Solving gun crime is about looking for safer alternatives to guns and forcing guns to be replaced by them, without bowing down to those who oppose such a move, those who oppose such a move are selfish and foolish, gun crime is NOT acceptable and a safer alternative must be sought before more innocent people lose their lives and more families are ripped apart and shattered beyond any redemption.
    No one wants to lose loved ones in such a horrific way as with the Sandy Hook massacre and others like it.
    The US government has to overrule all opposition to reform the gun laws, and not allow itself to be intimidated by the gun happy and criminal gun owning culture. The time has come to enforce a safer alternative.
    If the UK can manage without guns for protection then surely the USA can too?
    Sometimes a change is vital to survival and steps have to be taken to protect the greater good, and not pamper to the whims of the gun happy who seem to be ruling the USA in a subliminal way that only serves to undermine the welfare of the citizens of the USA.
    The sooner everyone realizes this the better for all!

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