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    San Diego, California
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    Newtown school shooting: Thoughts and tributes

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            Guns automatic built with #devil authority for cause destructions! It must depend on supernatural power from the Mater of Creator for prevent public school shootings! All mental illnesses reigns in invisible realm, that full with power, the realm all things created before come to visible realm / earthly level. Public school shooters minds reign with devil in invisible realm, without the Almighty Eternal Creator intervene, doesn’t matter of how and what, Mr. Obama and all congress done, public schools shooting continue until everyone deal with reality of the existence facts and everyone live in denial!

              Come on! Denied prayers to the Almighty Eternal Creator’s supernatural power in American public schools was invitation invited devil power in public schools, than praying to Him for healing after all school shootings occurred is contradicting each other! American government leaders and all people must wake up and deal with real existence reality!

                27 killed in rampaging shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, Connecticut December 14, 2012! These 20 children from age of 5 to 10 are innocents! They done nothing wrong for died by acts individual soul, mind and actions control by destructive of the devil. U.S. Supreme Court justices, judges, atheists, ACLU, presidents, and legislative branch and people support prevent pray in public schools and government places badly failed them!

               U.S. Supreme Court issued it separation between church and state, did not explained or lacked of understand religion and the Almighty Eternal God are two different identities. All people pray are praying to the Almighty Eternal Creator / almighty eternal supernatural, that created all planets, the earthly and everything in the universe, included human souls and physical bodies.

                 Due to the lacked of explain on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, of the different between the almighty eternal power (Almighty Eternal God), result atheists, ACLU, and many people wrongly support atheists activities, the destructive strong devil supernatural power control their minds, words and actions, prevent the almighty eternal supernatural in schools, government and public places. As the same time, as the same time, the destructive of the devil moved in and control airspaces, attacked and moved inside students schools faculties. The cunning and destructive devil supernatural power filled everywhere in airspace and worked through student minds and actions, reduced or blocked student leaning ability teach by educators, for fill with evil thoughts and actions, drop out schools, teenagers freely sexual interacts, babies born out of wedlock, involved illegal drugs and gang, shooting in schools. These very cunning devil powers also badly interfere in teachers and faculties.

                 Human’s thoughts reign in spiritual realm, (invisible) the realm full with supernatural power, both good and bad. The realm everything must exist before become visible (actions) on earthly realm.

                    Devil supernatural power reigns everywhere in schools; it drawn people who minds, words and actions control by him to school for purpose of cause destructions. While destructive devil supernatural equipped with all guns, and shooters minds and actions are control by very strong devil supernatural power, the two drawn to each other for mass destructions! It was how shooters attacked public schools greater than Christian schools. I did not say there will be no shooting in Christian schools, but Christian schools level of shooting occur a lot less drawn shooters, because the devil very afraid and it must obey the almighty supernatural power (Almighty Eternal Creator).

                  I wrote about this subject during shooting at Columbine High, April 20, 1999, Santana High School in San Diego, March 5, 2001, and Virginia Tech in 2007.

                The cunning destruct devil supernatural power operates in similar fashions of public schools at everywhere in airspace, human minds, words and actions of government places. The devil either interferes or control government leaders, high-ranking officials stronger than lower level authority government employees. The devil guide their thoughts to wrong directions, block their minds from see through large picture of projects or issue they are working. Due to devil interfere or control government leaders and high-ranking officials caused too many serious problems everywhere on earth realm.

                  I absolutely sure, the United State of America will not get better until long after government’s presidents, members of congress, high-ranking officials, justices, judges and all people must return to seek the almighty eternal supernatural (Almighty Eternal Creator) daily for guidance in their private life and office capacity.

                   With all the cost to government and parents, and all people for limit shooting in schools, government leaders have options to limit or not limit in shooting in public schools, better educations in public schools!

                   Excepted atheists, ACLU, and people support prevent prayers in public schools and government place, 20 first grade students and six adult killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut is too much to take for everyone! These 26 human lives cut very short! They and their parents, siblings and relatives paid very high prices, caused by U.S. Supreme Court justices’ mistake in their duties, because they intentionally did not explain, or lack of understand the different between almighty eternal supernatural powers (Almighty Eternal Creator)!

                   Shooting in school will not either end or limit to minimum until long after daily prayers conduct in all public schools! Because it takes very long time for remove devil supernatural power completely out of public schools, and the almighty eternal supernatural power (Almighty Eternal Creator) slowly move in public schools. The process of removing bad and welcome good work through students, educators and faculties’ minds, words and actions before go in public schools airspace.

                     Religion Identities:

                   Each and all religions are organizations, religions are formed by one individual or group of people, allowed by God for assist people spiritual life focus on God, do good and reject the wrong.

                   Religions rules and regulations made by the founder(s) of each religion, and from time to time, leaders modified to their religion rules and regulation for their operation systems.

                      Religions rules and regulations combined from universal God the Master’s Laws and from religious leaders.

                       Government Identities:

                    Each and all of nation government are organizations that created by God in spiritual realm and came down to natural by works through worldwide government leaders and officials, by elections or appointed positions for managing earthly power for provide services to human race.

                  Worldwide government laws created by legislative branch or in some country by head of the nation.

                 Whether laws made by head of the nation or by legislative branch are okay by God, as long the laws are in the frame of universal God the Master, the sole owner of the world Laws and government laws must enforce.

    Government Leaders / Officials Must Always Depend on God for have life, Without Exception!

                 The separated State and religions must enforces; government cannot endorse any religions or any religions laws reason all religion founders are not God and not owner of earth, and religion laws are manmade laws like government laws, that some of areas violated to the Almighty Eternal Creator's laws.

                     While government leaders and officials never can separate from God, because the elements of human souls and power of the souls working through human minds, words and actions, even people being chained under devil supernatural power, and God is sole owner of the earth. God is the one give each and everyone’s life, and sole owner of the earth; everyone must comply with universal God the Master’s Laws. It means without God the earth and human life on earth never exist.

                 Pray to the Almighty Eternal Creator Alone, Not to Religious People!

                 The separation between state and religion must enforce for purposes of comply with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It meant government agencies and officials must not endorse any religion! They must not mention any religion names for event prayer!

                  All living creature souls, included human souls are invisible, and from the time of creation and forever, all living creatures must connecting /depending of the Almighty Eternal Creator for have lives of their souls!

                 Human souls came at the time of conception! Souls generate human spirit (supernatural power), and human spirit used natural substance, such as man sperm, women eggs, and other substance from women bodies for generate babies physical bodies as well as nourishing physical bodies. After babies born, souls continually generate spirits for human physical bodies and minds to functioning!

    Without exception, each and all people are depending the Almighty Eternal Creator for have earthly life and life of human souls! It meant without the Almighty Eternal Creator, there is no existence of all planets, the earth and human on earth! Period.

                  At all time, we pray to the Almighty Eternal Creator alone! We must not pray to human souls, such as religious leader souls or human saints, it included Jesus and fully man and Blessed Virgin Mary, because they are human, and they have absolutely nothing to give those prayed to them.

                  Messiah is small part of the Almighty Eternal Creator within Jesus as fully man soul! While Messiah taught us pray to the Almighty Eternal Creator, (who is almighty eternal supernatural power, and Father of all human souls!

                     The Almighty Eternal Creator is above all! He is sole legal owner of the universe! His laws have the top high authority of all global countries constitutions and federal laws. Without exception, His laws governing global government countries constitutions, legislative laws and illegal laws (law made by judges and justices), included the United States Constitution, federal and states laws.

                   It meant all countries leaders, judges, officials and federal employees, and all people MUST devote their prayers to the Almighty Eternal Creator, to drawn Him to them, for their minds and physical bodies function correctly!

                     People must understand, religions laws are not the Almighty Eternal Creator’s laws! There are certain religion laws badly violated the Almighty Eternal Creator’s laws. Once anyone practice religion’s laws violated the Almighty Eternal Creator ‘s laws result hatred, violence, murder, generated emotional suffering and destroy physical structure, as well as wounded human souls and physical bodies!

                     Federal government leaders and high-ranking officials have their responsibilities and duties to organize and attend prayer regularly! These events add to their private daily devotion to the Almighty Eternal Creator, they drawn guidance and protection from the Almighty Eternal Creator!!!

                    Almighty Creator and Human Race’s Relationship

                  The Almighty Eternal Creator or Spirit of God is almighty eternal supernatural power, such as wind, supernatural power [energy/electric] or spirit formed human physical body parts, moving blood, nourishes human cells and etc to generates power for human thought, memories, words and actions, and earth continuation growing.

    These two are fully God and fully human, male and female. These two fully God and fully human, male and female created the earth and human souls in the image of co-creators divine souls, male and female souls, recorded in the Book of Genesis 1:26-27

                    There are two sources of supernatural powers: One came direct from God to man, who lives the life of holiness. Another also from God, but it go through the devil channel distribution unto those deny God and who do evil, and those who lukewarm. Due to there is free will remain within each and all people, God created the Devil supernatural power for man to exercise their free will, and to discipline human race. Devil always please man for pleasure and destroy man at the end. Devil can destroy human life on earth, included chained human souls in his power, generates mental illnesses and physical diseases, earthly wealth when people chosen to do devil destructive will.

                      Once people give their free will to God, the spirit [supernatural power] surround their souls coming from God; but once a people give his free will to the devil, the spirit [supernatural power] surround their souls coming from the devil.

                     Normally people are drawn spirit from one not another, because once devil surround any human soul there will be no present of God within him or her.

                      From time to time, devil does not have power to destroy human immediately, but he moves in little by little until he completed control human minds and body and he manifesting destructive power heading toward destroy people over all aspects.

                       Once people souls surrounding with supernatural power from God, they pray to Spirit of God alone, person normally have good discernment and able to know the different between right and wrong, unless God chosen his or her as undercover and forces his or her done minor mistake as natural substances for teaching human race; these case normally prophets in the old testaments.

                    It is hard to believe but they are truth, majority of spiritual leaders and ministers are lack of discernment and wisdom, they unable to discern the different from right to wrong, such as Christian false teachings the truth meanings of the Bible, Catholic priests sex abuse minors and their leaders protected them of transferred them from parish to parish, hidden evil activities by the vow of secrecy, and etc. There are more of high ranking in government worldwide, lack of discernment, majority of the pretend to do good, but they are serving themselves before serve other, and etc.


                     Treat mental illnesses patients with medications only temporary numbed their minds! Therapy without the Almighty Eternal Creator intervene, allow the destructive devil power uses metal patients voice and mouth, as instrument for expose himself, multiply his destructive power to therapists during he listen and talk to mental illness patients. Move on to further damaging patients who these therapists giving out services to.

                      Therapy without the Almighty Eternal Creator’s supernatural power intervene only cause harm to mental illness patients being, because this devil supernatural transform to different mind illness or physical diseases. Because psychiatrists and medications don’t have authority over the devil supernatural power, mental illness patients did not and it not heals! Mental illness patients only completely heal after the devil supernatural leave patient’s minds and physical bodies, this process take very long with constantly seek healing power from the Almighty Eternal Creator’s power!

                          Bible recorded, Messiah Jesus cast devil out of a man, and the devil asked Messiah Jesus permission to move into swine. The destructive devil power must move in to new living creature body, for the previous one healed.

                         Exorcism ritual for remove mass murder strong devil supernatural power out of schools shooter before they commit shootings is very difficult, and takes long time with lot of payers by family members, friends and community work like a team.

                        If the minister who performances an exorcism ritual, cast devil strong power out of strong mental illness patient, this devil move on to another living creature, either the minister or someone nearby. Therefore, the requirement for all ministers who ministering to mental illness patients, he or she must always live his or her life in holiness. It meant he must always obey the Almighty Eternal Creator’s laws. Live a life of holiness gain authority over the devil, and this devil must listen and comply with instructions. Because the instructions was not from the minister, by from the Almighty Eternal Creator spoke through these ministers. Not all people live in the life of holiness receive authority from the Almighty Eternal Creator for exorcism ritual!

                  Over 20 yeears board-certified Psychiatrist, Gerald Nelson wrote the facts of how human minds functioning, on the book entitled, My patient Gods Gift, published in year 1996, (http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-893077)

               Locate individuals who being control by the destructive mass murder devil power even a lot harder. The discernment power come from invisible realm, realm full with supernatural to those live in the life of holiness, help understand certain things occur that potential these individuals become school shooters ! Beyond, when the people live in the life of holiness talk, very hard for people to accept and understand their words correctly!

                   Pass laws for guns control is the baby step! Prayers in public schools and government places must enforce for if not end, it will limit to minimum. Without prayers in public schools and government places will never end public schools shootings.

                 Locate school shooters before they act and exorcism ritual, patient’s family, friends, and community prayers, as well as discipline their thought and actions are the most difficulty in throughout the process!

                 It is exactly the same natural and supernatural interaction procedures, the destructive devil manifest through government leaders and high ranking-officials’ minds, words and actions. The different is the devil used different thoughts depending positions they holding.

                      Therefore, government leaders, high-ranking officials must exam their daily private life and business activities, prayer and make correction when there something they did wrong. The must be truth to themselves, their supervisors and to all other they served. They must constantly building their individual life in foundation of depend on the Almighty Eternal Creator supernatural power for guidance, and from personal life effective their business minds and performances.

                   The reason of government leaders and high-ranking officials turned their backs toward the Almighty Eternal Creator, allowed devil take control over their being, works through their minds, words and actions caused global countries too much serious problems and unable to repair among themselves. When they rejected to the Almighty Creator supernatural, different kinds of the destructive devil supernatural take over their minds, words and actions.

                     There are certain countries government leaders and officials glory the Almighty Eternal Creator, as God, Allah or any other names, glorify the Almighty Creator without their minds, words and actions with love and real services to other in love, their minds, words and actions are being control by the destructive power of the devil!

                  In order for the Almighty Eternal Creator dwelling in individuals, city, state, country, there is no hatred, no war, no murder, no threaten or kill any human being, and absolutely do not generate mass destructive weapons and chemicals!

                      Refused provide peaceful services to other who badly in need do not come from the Almighty Eternal Creator; it came from the destructive devil power.

                     The America country and all countries throughout global government leaders surely unable to solve problems correctly until long after they return to the Almighty Eternal Creator! Without return to the Almighty Eternal Creator, the more government leaders do things for repair problems, problems get larger and more serious, or they add more problems on top of existing problems!



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